How to Not Let Others Sidetrack You from Your Dreams

“My dream is lost.” Not only has this thought crossed the minds of many, it might be going through your mind right now. Someone distracted you from your goals, and now, for whatever reason, your hopes and aspirations are distant and untraceable. There are times when dreams must be put on the backburner, but you should never let others sidetrack you permanently from your dreams.

“Do not let the behaviors of others destroy your inner peace”

So once said the wise Dalai Lama. Unfortunately, we live in an age where people do things for various reasons, not all of them nice. Emotions are still inconceivable in many ways. Jealousy, envy, anger, greed, and lust drive people to hurt others for the sake of their own advancement. Sometimes, that is exactly why others try to distract you from reaching your goals. They are angry you have gotten so far. Or they are jealous you are doing better than they are.

Yet, seeing that these outbursts and harmful acts are another individual’s method of self-preservation, as messed up as it may be, you can take the higher road. Stay away from toxic relationships. If you are provoked and look away, remember to reclaim the truth of who you are immediately. First and foremost, never lose sight of your inner light.

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Mind your beeswax

Apart from others behaving in ways that disrupt your equanimity, we are all sometimes guilty of sticking our noses in places where it does not belong. When you become overly curious about someone else’s issues, you are opening yourself up to some serious distractions.

For example, you might decide to help out a friend that was kicked out by a significant other and is now horribly depressed. Soon you find yourself wrapped up in responsibilities that do nothing to help your situation, but you feel obligated to help out because of friendship.

When others rely on us too much, we get that dragged down feeling. We start to lose sight of what drives us and instead tune into what drives everyone else. That is why you have to be selfish sometimes. Look after your own wellness first before extending a helping hand to others.

Do what is right by you

Other people like to turn you away from your goals by spouting off what worked for them. Advice is nice once in awhile, but that is all it is. Advice is a wise observation or exchange of gained knowledge from someone with previous experience. But what worked for them might not work for you.

If someone keeps telling you how to live your life according to how they live theirs, only one result is certain. You will end up living a carbon copy of their life. Someone who is not out to sidetrack you from your dreams will always make it clear that they are merely offering an alternative but it might not be for you. Stick with those people, not the ones who say what you should and should not do.

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Life is too short

And you will never be able to please everybody. Let me use myself as an example here. When I was in high school, my idea of getting through life was making those I looked up to (for better or worse) proud of my decisions. I set out to please their ideals of the perfect daughter or friend. I tried to be everything they wanted.

However, deep inside my heart, I knew it was not what I wanted. Though my move was rather risky – with me moving halfway across the globe – the separation taught me something. Life is too short to not enjoy every moment living in pursuit of your dreams.

Will it be difficult? Yes. Will there be times when you feel like giving up? Of course. But there is a beauty in living according to the beat of your heart. Do not let others use their opinions to remodel your life as their own, squelch off you, or sidetrack you from accomplishing goals with negativity.