5 Reasons You Let Your Dreams Go

You have your dreams, goals and aspirations, but most of the time you let them go. Maybe you are afraid of mistakes, failures, gossips, and judgments. Or, you lack confidence and willpower. Dreams come and go, and all you do is to dream about reaching them.

In fact, there are many reasons why you let your dreams go. Some of those reasons are so common that you take no heed. Your dream is your responsibility, and it is up to you do decide whether to follow it or let it go. Eliminate the following excuses to help yourself make your dreams come true.

1 You have to pay bills

We all have too, but some of us do what we love and still manage to pay those bills. Having a 9-to-5 job is great, but if you hate it, are you sure you need to sacrifice your entire life to buy a house, pay bills, drink expensive wine and drive a luxury car?

There are tons of opportunities to follow your dream and live a debt-free life. Want to travel around the world? Look for a job that will pay you to travel the world. Want to become a dancer? What are you waiting for? Dancers make good money too. Follow your dream, not the money. The money will come along the way.

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2 You are not honest with yourself

Every problem has its solution. When you recognize the problem, you solve it and move on. The same goes for dreams. When you have a certain dream and a plan how to achieve it, you do it. When you tell you have no dreams, you lie to yourself and others.

Do not run away from your dreams. If you do not make them come true today, you will regret it down the road. Be honest with yourself and do not dread to take the first step. Once you start, you will not stop.

3 You are too busy

You know what, I am absolutely guilty of this one. This is a reason I let my own dreams go. I am struggling with it, though. We are never too busy to do what makes us happy. You have time to check your Facebook feed and post a new photo on Instagram, right? You also have time to gossip about a new girl in the office.

As soon as you ditch your bad habits, you will find enough time for your dreams. Instead of looking for an excuse, figure out the way to pursue your biggest dream. You never know when a tiny dream could turn into a life-long passion.

4 You do not listen to your heart

Happy people always listen to their hearts while miserable people believe that little negative voice in their head telling them they will fail. If you want to live a fulfilling life, listen to your heart, not that voice in your head. It will show you the right way. Not listening to your heart is a reason you let your dreams go.

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5 You worry about what others think and say

Following a dream is challenging at times, as there is always someone who will try to prevent you from doing what you are passionate about. Writers, dancers, and travel junkies know how it is hard to reach a goal when others are against it. Weak personalities fail and only a few become successful.

Success is not achieved by luck, you need to work hard toward reaching it. But the first thing you should do is stop caring about other people’s opinions. If your dreams make you happy, it does not matter what other think.

Now that you know some of the most common reasons you let your dreams go, get rid of these excuses. Chase your dream and live a happy life. It is time to make changes. Time runs quickly, and it is a lot harder to follow dreams when you are not young anymore. Why do you let your dreams go? What are your excuses?