How to Follow Your Dreams When You Are a New Mom

May 13, 2017

Becoming a new mom can be a dream come true. There is nothing that can compare to what being a mom is like. So, now that you have a new member in your family that you are fully responsible for, how do you still follow your dreams while being the best mom you can be? It is possible, but you will want to remember three things.

1 Do not lose yourself

It is so easy to get lost in the adventure of motherhood. After all, this precious gift you have been given is a part of you now. The baby is dependent upon you for every need. You have to focus on meeting baby’s needs, which can end up leading you to put your needs on the back burner of life. But, do not lose yourself in that process.

Of course, baby’s needs come first because they can’t take care of themselves, but make a list or your needs. Go ahead. Actually write your list down on paper, then put it somewhere you will see it daily. This will help you remember that you are just as important to take care of.

Make a list of all the people you are. For example, you are now a mom, maybe a wife, a sister, a daughter, etc. Look at this list often to help you remember who you are in all the various places in your life. Remind yourself that you might have a new role, but that is not who you solely are.

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2 Change your mindset

Next, you will want to change your mindset if you are feeling stuck. If you are one who believes that you can put your dreams on hold until things settle down or your children are grown, you might have the wrong mindset. It is true that some people are able to do that, but most people do not pursue their dreams later because new roles and responsibilities might take over.

So, change your mindset. Think about ways you can follow your dreams during this season of your life. Is it going back to school to get a degree? If so, can you take a course here and there online while you are knee deep in diapers? Can you take night classes? Think outside the diaper box and be creative when finding ways to pursue your dreams right now.

3 Just go for it

Sometimes, you just have to go for it, or you never will. Think about ways you can include the baby in your pursuit of your dreams, or think of ways you can get help with the baby while you go for it. You do not have to complete the race in the fastest time you can.

You can finish the marathon one step at a time and still make your dreams come true. But, if you do not take that first step, you might not have another opportunity to do it. Go for it now, while you can.

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Pursuing your dreams is no easy feat let alone when you have another mouth to feed, but it can be done. Just remember who you are, change your mindset and then go for it!