5 Things That Happen to Your Career after You Become a Mom

Becoming a mom is such a splendid joy, but when you need to go back to work after having a baby, it can be difficult to figure out where you stand. Because every woman is different, every woman’s perception of returning to work is vastly different. Here are some things to keep in mind for your career once you become a mom.

1 Being unsure is okay

If you return to work after having a baby, many thanks to your hormones, you might not really feel happy being back. Conversely, you might be thrilled to be surrounded by grown-ups and not have to change a single diaper. Before you settle in, though, you may find yourself bouncing between these two extremes, and in the beginning, that is really normal.

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2 Changing your career is okay too

Some women are thrilled to stay home with the kids while others are not. And still, others feel like they need to be doing something other than holding a baby all day but they do not want to return to the level of chaos their job before having a baby inflicted on them daily. Maybe going back to school for more certifications or changing your field completely is a better path for you now.

3 Staying at home is a job

Stay at home moms work full time. If you think staying at home with children all day is easy, ask any mom that has done it for a while what her day is like from start to finish.

Of course, there are many rewards to staying home, particularly getting to spend time with your baby and enjoy seeing her achieve each memorable milestone, but as with anything, there are negative aspects too such as endless chores, no breaks, no pay and no sleep to name a few.

4 Do not feel guilty about your choice

This is your life and if going back to the office is something you can’t wait to do, then jump right in and go for it. Some women feel even more powerful in the workplace than they did before having a baby. Becoming a mother changes us and shapes us in so many ways. For plenty of women, this makes us better bosses and better employees overall.

5 Strike a balance

Whether you decide to throw in the towel on your career, either permanently or just for a few years, or you decide to go back to work, remember that balance is essential in taking on your new role as a mom. If you are staying home, find ways to recharge so you can be refreshed.

If you are working outside the home, make sure you call it a day at a reasonable time. Or you can always consider working from home. Plenty of women find that to be the right balance between work and baby.

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At the end of the day, what matters about your career after you have a baby is what you want to matter. You can make your career matter as much as your baby, or make your baby your sole focus. As long as it feels right in your heart, it is the right path into your future. After all, being a mom is a much more rewarding job than being a successful leader at work, don’t you think?