The Ultimate Inspo for Girls Who Just Dream But Do Nothing

Dec 2, 2016

We have all read the books, heard the proverbs and mediated on the idea and the possibility of our dreams becoming a reality, but have we actually stepped out of our comfort zone to see what the world of having a dream holds? Have we ever really jumped off the edge to see how far our wings can take us?

How strong and versatile we really are, despite the fear of the unknown – of perhaps falling flat on the floor, daze, confused and hurt? The sad reality is that many of us are still safely and leisurely lying in our small childhood bedrooms, dreaming the same dream we have always dreamed, thinking about the Someday that our dreams will all come true.

Yet, what if I told you that someday might just be today? All you have to do in order to cease the day and bring yourself one step closer to your dream is:

1 Start believing

You have to move your dream from the fantasy cabinet to the reality cabinet. It is very easy to say you have a dream and not do anything about it; to think it might come to pass and only hope that the pain of an unfulfilled dream will not come and haunt you at night it. Yet, you do nothing to make sure the dream transforms into your everyday life.

How badly do you want it? Does it pulsate in your whole body? Do you know that you will absolutely and without a doubt be lost without it? If you answered yes to any of these, it is time to start believing in that dream with everything in you: Believe. This is the first of many steps and it is the most crucial. If you do not believe in something, you will never have enough motivation and determination to go after it.

2 Get down to the basics

If you need training, get it. Run away from the temptation to make excuses; where there is a will, there is a way. Educate yourself, brainstorm, network and surround yourself with the right people – people who believe in you and your dream.

Let us, for argument’s sake, say you want a fit and toned body: You need to be able to put in the time, willing to make the necessary sacrifices and you will definitely have to go through excruciating pain before you see the results of your hard work.

In the same way, you will have to go through a process of fine tuning and sculpting to be able to be the best version of yourself for when your dream does come knocking at your door. Talent can only bring you so far, the rest is up to hard work.

You will make heart-breaking sacrifices, you will be exhausted and you will want to give up. No one said the price to pay would be inexpensive. However, do not throw in the towel: keep your dream and vision in your eye sight and you will survive this. This is not a Disney movie where your fairy godmother provides all the tools, and often the perfect life, for you on a silver platter. It is up to you and you can do this.

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3 Set time out daily

Every Sunday sit and plan one thing you can do each day that will bring you one step closer to your dream (you are more than welcome to do more). It might seem small, but these actions will build momentum and the results will encourage you on the rest of your journey.

Every step brings you closer to that beautiful dream you have always held closely and dearly in your heart, keep working. The cliché that nothing is impossible rings true. “How can you say the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon?”

4 Surround yourself with the right people

Despite what you believe, you cannot do this alone: You need people working with you and for you. Avoid the naysayers at all cost and surround yourself with people who believe in you, who will support you and advise you when you find yourself stumbling in the pursuit of your dream. Yet, be sure these individuals or groups are not only motivational but also honest – you need people who will be able to keep you grounded and also inform you if you have gone awry.

I am all for independence, but sometimes we need to be able to hold hands and work together towards a goal; this is something that is desperately needed in the world today. In our fight for independence, we have forgotten that strength often lies in unity.

5 Prepare to fail

As mentioned above, life is not a Disney movie – things do not always work out the way we want it to, or how we initially planned it. Yet, in the end, it is the obstacles and the detours that make this all worthwhile. The likelihood of you getting it right the first time is extremely slim. You still have so much more to learn, grow, and embrace it with open arms.

Failure and all the lessons that come along with it will make you a wiser and stronger person. Never underestimate the wonderful teacher failure is – it will bring you much further than an overnight success story ever will; you will be humbled and thankful for the journey.

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The road to success is full of thorns, obstacles and unscrupulous people, but the view in front of you is breathtakingly beautiful, all you have to do is look up and allow your senses to be overwhelmed by it.

Do not lose faith or become discouraged, hold on to your dream and the vision you have for your life. Stay strong, humble and determined; most of all never cease in trusting your intuition. If you learn how to listen to that still, inner voice – you will never be led astray. Happy dreaming, but more importantly: Happy doing!