5 Confident Ways to Turn Your Fears into Happiness

Jul 5, 2016

Each and every day we have the option to live in a state of fear or as my good friend puts it, “We have the choice to live in a beautiful state.” Living in a beautiful state sounds wonderful and it is, but often it is foreshadowed by our fears. Instead of chasing our dreams, enjoying our happiness, or trying something new, we become paralyzed by our fears. Here a few strategies how you can live more fearlessly, starting TODAY:

1 Obstacles, adversities and problems you face are your gifts

Shift your perception on how you view obstacles, adversities and your problems. Every bump in the road hit has a lesson to provide. Every obstacle and problem faced have a gift to give you. Meaning, obstacles, adversities, and problems are opportunities for you to learn to advance your life to the next level. Change your mindset from apprehension to facing the obstacle and making an immediate action.

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2 Change your thoughts, change your world

You know what creates fear? Your thoughts! Your thoughts create your feelings, which guide your actions. We often experience feelings from experiences and other people. When we think of our fears, we fill our minds up with emotions that do not serve us.

Fear is, after all, Future Events Appearing Real. It is only that. We have complete control over our thoughts. Therefore, we have control over our emotions and in turn, our actions. Kick negative and fearful thoughts to the curb and you can begin to change your world in so many ways.

3 Create an abundant life

Rather than focusing all your efforts and energy on the big end and what you will get as a result of your hard work, why not focus it on what can you give to every situation you face? If you focus your efforts on what you will get in return you will end up feeling unsatisfied and empty when you finally reach your big reward.

Refocus your efforts on giving and being of service to others. Live your day by focusing on how you can give to others in a meaningful way. Serve others with profound actions of service. Embrace your happiness.

When you begin giving to others on a consistent basis you will create an abundant life, which in turn will improve your overall well-being. It will help diminish fears, which are present when we do not live in an abundant mindset, and giving will create more opportunities for personal and future growth you may never have imagined.

4 Be your own Hero

That’s right. Imagine yourself with a suit of armor on and cape flapping in the wind. It may seem silly, but take a minute to visualize someone who is a hero in your life. Or better yet, create your own hero in your mind.

Imagine what they look like, what they’re wearing and how they will conquer an obstacle thrown their way. Use this tool to fall back on when you are faced with a difficult situation.

Really imagine you are that hero and you are capable of overcoming any obstacle thrown your way. Maybe even conjure up a few heroes in your mind that can help you deal with a specific situation.

Imagine acting as your hero, maybe the hero in a sense is the best version of yourself in superhero attire. Either way, give yourself permission to be your own hero.

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5 Just do it

If you’re uncomfortable with a new idea, task or activity then take a moment for pause and go do something else. But do not stop or become paralyzed by the fear of a new or difficult situation ahead of you. Get yourself into a mode and mindset of “doing” to temporarily distract you of the thing you fear.

Now come back to the obstacle, fear or whatever it is you are hesitant to do and just do it. It is so easy to become wrapped up in a mess of ideas and plans, but sometimes you need to set all the mumbo-jumbo running through your head and just do it.

Living more fearlessly doesn’t mean to be brash and make irresponsible choices, it means facing your fears that are holding you back from the things you desire or know nothing about.

A good friend put it beautifully, “Every day we have the choice to live in either a Beautiful state of the Suffering state.” Use the above strategies to begin living fearlessly for the life you want to have and be happier than ever before.