10 Valuable Tips to Become More Assertive

Oct 26, 2022

One cannot be too nice in this world for obvious reasons. It is essential to be assertive to ensure you get what you deserve. Many of us believe that assertive people are mean and selfish and they don’t care what others say and think about them. In reality, it’s not true. Assertive people tend to be more successful as well as healthier and happier. Here are valuable tips to help you assert your rights with authority.

1 Boost your self-esteem

First, you need to feel confident about yourself to become assertive. Think and act positively to always feel upbeat and optimistic. Do the right thing in any situation to feel more certain about asserting yourself. Remember, your low self-esteem can lead to self-destructive behaviors and miserable life.

2 Say no firmly

Don’t hesitate to say no to pushy people. Beware of people who look to take advantage of your easy-going nature. Put your foot down and say no loudly if someone tries to ask undue favors from you. Even if you want to say no to your boss, feel free to do it, just make sure you do it correctly.

3 Enunciate clearly

Express yourself clearly to make others understand your point of view. Speak slowly and calmly to drive home your thoughts on any issue. Effective communication skills can boost your ability to assert yourself with ease. Start improving your communication skills at home in order to show them at work.

4 Practice visualization

If you are an introvert who likes to let things be, try to practice visualization to become more assertive. Imagine yourself acting authoritatively and standing for your rights. Then, go ahead and act it out confidently in public without reservations.

5 Speak up when required

In some situations you need to speak up assertively for your rights. For example, if somebody is smoking around you, don’t hesitate to ask him or her to stop immediately. Maintain your composure and do what needs to be done without undue fuss or tension.

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6 Be assertive, not egoistic

Being assertive does not mean you should become egoistic. Stand up for your deserved rights without imposing yourself on others. Speak and act confidently to get the task done, without making others feel you are being unduly pushy.

7 Assertion is not aggression

If you feel exploited, it is natural to experience fear or anger, which can make you act aggressively. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, and then act assertively to make your opponents realize that you are not an easy target. People always listen to those who speak calmly and clearly.

8 Be calm and composed

Do not get worked up about acting assertively. Realize that you are only doing what needs to be done by speaking up for a right cause. Speak and act calmly and confidently to assert yourself with conviction. You will never become more assertive if you don’t learn how to control your emotions.

9 Stick to your principles

Don’t be too nice at the cost of sacrificing your values. Put your foot down and be firm about abiding by your ideals. Make it clear that nobody can take you for a ride, or make you act against your wishes. Sticking to your principles is essential because you should respect yourself no matter what.

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10 Realize the benefits of asserting yourself

Boost your conviction by realizing the many benefits of acting assertively. You can improve your communication skills, avoid hypocrisy, and ensure everybody wins, with your honest and frank interactions. So, firm your resolve, and start becoming more assertive today to enjoy these paybacks.

It’s never too late to become more assertive and change your old habits and behaviors. While we should be nice and kind, sometimes it’s useful to be more firm and confident. What other tips for being more assertive do you have? Any to share?