5 Ways to Approach a Guy When He Is Hanging Out with His Friends

Aug 21, 2017

Traditional dating roles proclaim that the man is the one who approaches the lady he is interested in. Should the woman be the one to try, she would appear desperate. However, since traditions are silly and meant to be broken (especially when it comes to gender roles), I say you should go all-out and approach the guy who has caught your eye, no holds barred.

Yet, you might never get the chance to approach him when he is alone, especially if his friends never leave him alone. This now poses a huge problem: how do you approach a guy when he is hanging out with his friends without looking thirsty?

Trust me on this one. Here is how to get his attention and have the confidence to say, “What’s up?”

1 A little confidence goes a long way

Guys will melt at the sight of a woman who knows she is control of the moment and has confidence in herself. In other words, do not fear rejection or getting laughed off. Do not even think about the negative result, because there is not one, really.

You are merely walking up to the guy that has caught your interest to ask a question or offer a compliment. Whatever happens after that is either going to result in you getting access to more conversation or walking back to where you started from.

Do not worry about how you look, how your voice sounds, or if your makeup is perfect. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.

2 Dress smartly

I know what you are thinking, “If I dress sexy, it is better than looking prudish.” Yeah, but dressing “sexy” has many connotations, and it may not get you a single guy’s attention, especially when he is in a group. You do not want to put yourself in the position where several guys are looking at your cleavage.

So dress smartly. Wear something that you are confident in and that flatters your figure. As long as you look like you feel good, your appearance will shimmer. And if you happen to know something about this guy before seeing him, you could always wear his favorite color or something that you know will catch his attention.

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3 Smile and make eye contact, but not too much

If you are smiling, catching his eye from time-to-time, then coyly looking back down at your drink or phone, this kind of essays how you are interested. If you are hardcore staring at him with a cheesy grin on your face, you are only going to freak him out.

Worse, he might say something to the group of friends that will then make it harder to approach. After some back-and-forth glances, you should eventually get the idea of whether or not he has noticed you. That is your cue to begin your approach.

4 State your purpose without faltering

Approaching a group of men with the goal of speaking to only one is definitely intimidating. You do not want to send any wrong signals to someone other than the one you are hoping to attract. Therefore, if you are approaching the group, make eye contact with the person you want, walk straight towards them, and speak directly to them.

You can, of course, address the group first (“Hi guys, I have a question for your friend here, if you don’t mind”) then target the guy you wish to start a conversation. Of course, there may be some jeers from the group that aren’t aimed at you but the guy you like, especially if he is shy. Don’t let the group shake you or dissuade you from speaking to him.

5 Be different. Be you

What makes you YOU? How can you stand out? Men do not go searching for a cookie-cutter girl unless they want a Stepford Wife. What I am getting at is this: if you are a comic book nerd and notice he is wearing a Deadpool belt buckle, why not introduce yourself with your favorite Deadpool quote? If you see a TARDIS pin on his messenger bag, ask a question about Doctor Who.

There is a lot you can use to strike up a conversation and draw him away from his friends. A word of warning though, do not say you are interested in something just to get his attention. He will know if you are faking.

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There you have it: a way to approach a guy when he is out with his friends. Basically, you are trying to get his attention from afar. When he notices you, confidently approach, holding his gaze, then ask a question that will take him aback and generate interest.

Make sure it is something you can openly talk about in public. Once his interest is on you and the conversation, it will not matter if he is surrounded by two friends or twenty. Good luck!