7 Common Phrases That Make You Sound Weak

You sit and watch the leaders in your office look and sound strong and confident. You envy them and wonder if you deserve to sound like a leader. But no one notices you. Even that new coworker feels totally confident in the workplace. And now here you are, trying to make others respect your ideas and work.

It does not seem fair, but you still believe others will listen to you. If this sounds familiar to you, then you have come to the right place. The words and phrases you use in your daily life are actually key to sounding strong and confident. And here are the most common phrases that make you sound weak.

1 I will try

Saying someone “I will try to do it” automatically makes you sound unconfident. I remember making this mistake when I started my career path. My boss gave me an important project and asked me to accomplish it overnight. Even though I knew I would do it faster, I ended up saying, “I will try.” It made my boss think that I would not accomplish the project and he did not expect me to do it at all.

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The phrase “I will try” means nothing. It just gives hope and increases the possibility of failure. No one will trust your word if you say “I will try” every time people ask you to do something. Try to eliminate the word “try” from your office vocabulary if you are going to become a leader.