8 Strengths of Being an Absolutely Independent Girl

In the face of adversity, you stand alone. Unfaltering, unyielding, and undeniably fierce. Independence in a woman of any age is such a gorgeous thing to see. Strong, resilient women are so captivating that those who seek to hold her down are often blinded by her light. Every lady out there has it in her to be strong, but if you need some motivation, here are eight strengths of independence to strive for.

1 You can handle anything

Bad hair days have nothing on you. In fact, you do not let these kind of small obstacles get you down about anything else. You can take whatever anyone or everyone throws at you and serve it back with a smile on your face. See, independence is not just about doing things by yourself, it is knowing how to navigate hindrances without missing a step; and one you do stumble, you laugh and brush yourself off.

2 You have a career you love

Independence is often a product of self-reliance and self-efficacy. In other words, you pour your energy into something that only you can do and do well. When you are passionate about your goals in life, building yourself becomes up becomes easier. It is because you realize that only you can carry yourself towards the promotion, or to achieving great testimonials, or placing in the top spot of an audition.

3 You think rationally

Dependence often leads to brash actions and impulsiveness. Women who use others or an object as a crutch often fall sway to silly ideas. The independent woman, however, looks through the trends, sees the truth, and harnesses it. When you are free from the moors or socially accepted norms, you are also free to think with clarity. You can weigh consequences of your actions and do what is right by you.

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4 You ignore your haters

Who needs frenemies and toxic relationships? Not you. Feeding the trolls is for people who depend on the attention of others to fulfill their needs. An independent lady knows who her allies are. When you have meaningful relationships, you do not need to spread dissent. You are simply fine spending time with people who enjoy your company and ask nothing in return. Furthermore, you can tolerate being alone.

5 You are a perpetual scholar

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the less power ignorance and foolishness has over you. You constantly seek out new challenges or ways to progress your understanding of the world. You also realize that you might never fully comprehend some things, but that is okay with you. It is that hunger for knowledge that keeps you striving for greater versions of yourself.

6 You have confidence

Independence and confidence go hand-in-hand. You cannot be a strong, self-reliant individual paving your own way if you have zero confidence in your own success. Moreover, the more confidence you possess, the more willing you are to go out into the world and seize your dreams.

Everyone faces disillusionment once in awhile, but when you are a confident woman, you do not let that disappointment keep you down for long. You brush off the dust then keep on chugging forward.

7 You do not neglect yourself

Because independence calls for a sound mind and body, you absolutely refuse to let your health and emotional state fall by the wayside. You maintain a steady connection to your heart and can key into the things that guide your intuition.

Independence allows you to physically challenge yourself, because you know a strong body means giving yourself more power. More power means honing your strength to carry more weight – and not just the muscular kind.

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8 You know how to stay in control

When all is said and done, you keep the reins of your life in your own two hands. You do not hand control over to anyone, and you do not tolerate people trying to rule over your domain. Independence gives you control over your own thoughts and actions, and because of that, you shape your own reality.

No one can break you. No one can chain you down. You are a fire, girl. When your inner strength is released, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from ruling it. Girlpower!