7 Ways to Remind Yourself How Fabulous You Are

Do you know how fabulous you are? I bet your response is going to sound like, “Er… no… I did not ever think about it.” This response is common, and only few women can proudly say, “Yes, I am fabulous.” It is not a self-confidence or self-love issue. We simply forget about how amazing we all are.

Many of us are stuck in an action-based material world where people believe that the more you work, the more you gain, the higher position at work, the higher respect, and the more people you know, the more influential you are. The reality is different. If you have trouble answering the question mentioned about, you need these eight ways to remind yourself how fantastic you are.

1 Discover your strengths

What things or traits are making you strong? Is it your intelligence, creativity or career choice? Discovering your strengths will help you remind yourself about your power. Those who have power, stay strong and believe in themselves even when they fail.

When I wrote the word ‘power,’ I did not mean money, job position or social status. What I meant is your inner power. You are special and you have your own power than no one else has. All you need to do is to discover it.

2 Take yourself out on a picnic

Call it madness, but you do not need a boyfriend or a friend to go out on a date or picnic. Actually, you do not need anyone to remind you how beautiful and wonderful you are. When you feel down, take yourself out on a picnic. Be it a park, a pond or a backyard, make sure you spend your alone time outdoor. Nature heals, so let it do its job.

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3 Start making yourself a priority

When you make time for self-care, you automatically feel awesome. Get enough sleep, eat your favorite food, do your hair and nails, invest in high quality skincare products and wear your favorite clothes. When you feel confident and when you love yourself, you never forget how fabulous you are.

4 Look in the mirror twice a day

Okay, I am not telling you to look in the mirror once you wake up, though it is not a bad idea. But looking in the mirror before leaving for work and saying a few positive things to yourself is a simple way to reming yourself how fabulous you are.

Looking in the mirror before going to bed will help you enjoy yourself without makeup. There is nothing more fabulous than a genuine beauty. Once you start loving what you see outside, you will start loving what is inside too.

5 Feel appreciated

You cannot feel appreciated in a toxic relationship or friendship. So, make sure you spend your time with people who love, respect and appreciate you. They will remind you how amazing you are without uttering a word. You will feel it. You deserve to be surrounded by positive people who always bring you up.

6 Provide a sense of meaning to your routine

Whether it is feeding a stray animal, helping your neighbor, or volunteering at a shelter, doing good deeds will provide a sense of meaning to your life and remind you how awesome and compassionate you are. If you live alone and have many free time, consider adopting a pet. Not only will you save one life, you will also bring more purpose to your life.

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7 Surprise yourself

Ever wanted to learn Arabic, practice yoga, take dance class or visit a certain destination? Surprise yourself once in a while by doing what makes you feel excited and happy. Investing in yourself once in a while is not a splurging, unless you spend thousands on dresses or shoes.

No one can tell you what you should do to feel awesome. No one possesses your personal magic and your unique traits. Next time you feel insecure, look at your own eyes in the mirror and tell yourself out loud, “I am fabulous. I am worth it.” Be confident and avoid those who are trying to drag you down and make you doubt your own uniqueness.