8 Mistakes to Commit Without Regrets

Apr 26, 2016

Mistakes are a part of growth and development. It is a part of being human. Avoiding mistakes is actually the worst mistake you can ever make. Surely, it does not mean we should keep committing mistakes and not learning from them. It means that some mistakes are useful, and they can change your whole life, not to mention that you cannot run away from them. Here are eight mistakes to commit without regrets:

1 Making a fool of yourself in public

You do not have to be a clown to make a fool of yourself in public, but if it happens, do not blame yourself for it. Even if others judge you, it is their own business, not yours. Be brave enough to laugh at yourself and do not be afraid to look and act funny. When someone laughs at you, laugh together. A laugh keeps death further away and makes your life brighter.

2 Having no plans for the future

Living without plans is not easy because you know nothing about tomorrow. You have no particular goals. You have no money. Finally, you just want to think about nothing. Unless you have been feeling this way for a long while, there is nothing wrong with you.

We all are guilty of this mistake now and then. Whether you move to a new city or quit your job and have no plans, give yourself a break and just relax. Your parents will definitely rebel against you, but remember it is your life, and you are the only one who has the right to decide what to do next.

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3 Splurging on yourself

It sounds selfish yet fair. You work hard to earn those bucks, so you certainly deserve to invest in yourself. You deserve those new red heels and elegant dress. You deserve that new smartphone you have been dreaming of for years. Saving is good, but you will not get all saved money with you after death, right?

4 Being lazy at work

Of course, not all the time. Occasionally, it is totally acceptable to be lazy at work. Although you are paid for your job, remember your boss earns a lot more than you. Today everyone is obsessed by becoming more productive. However, spending those 15 minutes doing nothing is not a mistake, so feel free to commit it without regrets.

5 Going to bed when you have a lot to accomplish

No matter how many tasks you should accomplish or problems to solve, go to bed when you really need it. It is hard to do something when you are sleepy, so do not feel guilty for making this little mistake. Your well-being is more crucial than all those projects and problems.

6 Living apart from your family

We will not live with our parents forever. At some point in life, we crave independence. If you feel like you are ready to live alone, why not? Living apart from family in 20s is not a trend or a mistake. It is a choice that only you can take.

7 Ignoring others

Want to spend time alone when your friends are going to party till morning, your mom is going to host a family dinner or your boss calls you every 5 minutes to give you a new task? Ignore others and do what your soul desires. Do not feel guilty for it. Live your life for you, not others.

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8 Loving your pet more than your boyfriend

Is that mistake? Guys come and go, and your pet is always there for you. You may feel guilty for loving your pet more than your boyfriend, but do not try to change the situation. If he loves you, he will not feel jealous, trust me. Never stop loving your furry friend for the sake of a man. You can love them both.

Making mistakes is not the end of the world, especially if you are guilty of committing these little mistakes. Yes, you will get hurt at times, but future you will be happier in the end.What mistakes are you guilty of making? Do you believe mistakes make us better?