3 Ways a Drastic Change Can Improve Your Life

Jul 3, 2016

People dread changes – be they big or small – but changes are not as horrible as many believe. I personally was afraid of even the smallest change so when I got fired and had no money to pay the bills and buy the food, it literally was the end of the world to me. I was confused. I indulged in wine every time I felt totally lost, until the moment I realized that my life did not actually end.

I worked really hard to find the way out, ate some ready-to-made food and saved each dime to pay all my debts off. I learned valuable lessons and despite all that stress I’m grateful I had to survive in that situation. Regardless of what happened in your life, even the most drastic change can turn your life upside down.

What seems horrible now can turn into something awesome later

Okay, I lost my job – the only source of my income; I’m not the one who can have countless jobs at once since I love to focus on one work only – so I had to figure out other sources of income to help me survive those hard times. I tried some freelance jobs and did some office tasks my friends asked me to do.

Meanwhile, I started learning a new language and improving my career skills. I was eager to learn, develop and turned from a fired employee who was underrated and abused by the boss into an expert who was confident enough to set own rules. I feel I have become better and I know my potential. If I was not fired, I would not have a chance to review my career life. That drastic change helped me realize that I can do a better work and earn better money. But I was too weak to quit that dead end job.

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Change the quality of life

Your quality of life can either drop or increase – it all depends on you. While some people let depression rule their lives, others fight with it. Statistics show many people ruined their lives by getting into bad habits like smoking, drinking, antidepressants and drugs.They use bad habits to calm their pains, but all they do is slowly destroying their lives.

Remember we have only one life? Take advantage of a drastic change to improve your quality of life. I found a better job that has improved my finances and reduced my stress level. If I was not fired, I would not solve my financial problems. It was all for the best.

Declutter your life and reduce stress

We have too many people and things that drain our energy, destroy our dreams, affect every facet of our lives and make us miserable. A drastic change can help you declutter your life and get rid of anything and anyone that bring stress and misery into your life. It is a hard process and sometimes it seems impossible to remove those you have known for ages from your life for good.

Drastic changes leave you no choice. If you had to move to another country (or continent) that might be a sign that you need new people in your life. If he broke up with you right before your big day, it might be better for you. Embrace any change in your life and look on the brightest side in any complicated situation. A positive attitude is one the best cures here.

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Change is a part of life so the sooner you embrace it, the easier it will be to deal with it. Uncertainty is actually a reason why we dread changes, especially those drastic ones. Avoid creating scenarios that do not exist. Rather than looking for the cons, focus on the pros. It is a lot easier to overcome a drastic change when you believe in a positive outcome. Just as George Bernard Shaw stated, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”