Your Positive Guide to Feeling Content in Your Own Company

Alone but lonely. Single and loving it. That applies to me and so many other people out there content to be in their own company. I am a natural born loner. Being always ready to tackle challenges without anyone else beside me is something I honestly take pride in. But I understand that not everyone understands what it means to be content alone, and so I have gathered up some advice that you can follow to learn the art of being a loner (at least once in a while).

Think of being alone as an adventure

This is the big one for me – and the one that I can explain for my own experience. I have traveled throughout America and Japan alone. People ask me all the time if it would be wiser or more fun to have someone else along for the ride, but I never give it a thought. To me, the personal discoveries I make are much sweeter when I can tell the story. The journey is a spiritual one that I would not enjoy as much if someone else was beside me.

Traveling alone has made me a strong, sensible woman. I have had to learn self-defense, resourcefulness, and budgeting skills that would be unnecessary when moving with a group. When it is me and the world, nothing seems impossible.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

In order to be content in your own company, you need to practice self-love and acceptance. A lot of people fear to be alone because they do not think they are ready for the singularity. Being alone is a choice. If you are not comfortable in your own skin, with yourself as a person, then being alone is hard. No one is there to validate your existence. Only you.

Again, I can attest to this. Before I overcame major depression and an eating disorder, I could not be alone in my room. My brain would eat me alive. Then, I slowly started doing self-love practices by myself and doing more without others in tow. I started to develop of what makes me unique. If I can do it, so can you.

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Tap into your creativity

Loners tend to be more creative. Upon separating from the crush of humanity the surrounds us, along with the opinions, the falsities, and the emotions, the mind is allowed to daydream. Being content in your company means giving into your artistic urges and losing yourself to it for a while.

A study done by researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Science and the University of Wisconsin and published in Psychological Science, actually suggested that daydreaming alone is an altered state of higher consciousness. Daydreaming feeds the imagination, which adds beauty to every fiber of life. Next time you are alone, just let your brain run wild. It is a lot of fun, I swear.

Become an observer

This plays into the creativity piece. Those who spend time alone learn to see the world through a variety of lenses, not just the ones everyone else in the crowd expects them to have. When you isolate yourself from the rest of the world, you have to change how you move among it.

Next time you go somewhere alone, you have the chance to view how others function around you, how they speak, behave, and move. Do more than just notice these people. Make stories about them. Ask yourself questions. Moreover, try to understand what they are doing and why.

Enjoy the silence

Akin to enjoying your own company is the ability to relish the quiet that surrounds you when you are alone. So many people rely on the noise of others to fill the void, because those noises make them feel like they are a part of something.

That is why some people go to bars to commiserate with others and eavesdrop on drama. However, when you are content in your own company, the sounds that are not happening to you, it takes you to a state of mindfulness. Reflection is a priceless practice, after all.

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Being alone is not terrible, I promise. Even if you are just getting your feet wet when it comes to doing things alone, there is value in this time. Find peace within yourself, and soon there is nothing you cannot tackle alone.

Spending time with yourself teaches you lessons that no one else in the world can explain. You are your one true ally, so listen wisely and enjoy the silence once in a while.