10 Excuses That Are Keeping You from Reaching Your Goals

When you often say “no” to new perspectives and opportunities, you give more room for unhappiness. Instead of working on improving yourself, you get stuck, lying to yourself, using a great number of excuses. Your subconsciousness gradually gets used to your fear and disability to do something successfully and independently without excuses. You should know that all negative words and things have the power to come true and keep you from your dreams.

I understand that it’s very difficult to change yourself because it requires a sufficient dose of confidence, clarity, commitment and courage. If you get rid of different excuses you’ll be able to grow both mentally and physically. It’s actually easier than you think, you just need to catch yourself in the act and replace your excuses with positive alternatives. Here are ten excuses that are keeping you from reaching your goals. I hope this article will help you start fighting excuses today.

1 I don’t have enough

Many people tend to complain about lack of time, money and opportunities to be happy. All these points are the basis for perfection for an average person. If you only concentrate on your problems, you will never succeed in anything. Rich and successful people always think positively and don’t fear to start new things and projects, because they are sure that they have more than enough time, knowledge and resources to live and develop.

2 I’m scared

Try to understand that fear is just a non-existent illusion that makes you limited and miserable. Take control of your mind and don’t let your imagination create frightening pictures in your head. If you cannot deal with fear, you should make attempts to leave your comfort zone. Choose things and activities you are afraid of and meet your fears face to face. You’d better tackle them swiftly, because it is impossible to run away from yourself. Just face your troubles no matter how powerful they may seem.

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3 It’s very difficult

Life is a challenging thing. You should realize that every kind of success requires work. Wise people usually say, “If you are feeling tough, then you are on the ascent.” Don’t expect easy returns without doing hard work. You should be patient and persistent enough to put in the effort to succeed in something. Moreover, you will reap the rewards over the long-term with pleasure. It will inspire you to make your cherished dreams come true.

4 That’s just who I am

By all means, try not to focus on things you can’t do. If you stop being fixated, you will see new ways and perspectives where you can grow. Everyone has absolutely equal chances and rights to change themselves the way they would like. Unfortunately, many people are not ready to do the work required to change, that’s why they start looking for excuses to acquit their fears and failures. Try to embrace all habits and beliefs that will move you closer to your dreams.

5 I’ll take away from someone else

You may think that your happiness can affect the people you love. I’m sure that your dearest and nearest people will never be jealous about your success. If you become happy, you may inspire and help them make their dreams come true. Share your happiness with your friends and family and comfort them with your joy, because happiness is a gift to everyone.

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6 I’m not ready to do something

Time flies very fast that’s why you should try to use all possible opportunities to become happier. Dalai Lama once said, “Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.” It’s desirable to fight this uncertainty and do things that can make you successful. Uncertainty and fears have much in common because both of them keep you from your dreams. Wise people usually say that we shouldn’t be afraid of death and other terrible things, but fear the unlived life. Unfortunately, many opportunities are lost, because people find themselves not ready to take the responsibility to do something.

7 I’m not like others

Sure, you are not like others! You are unique and individual in this world. Every person is a dreamer that has more than enough to reach all desirable goals. If you often compare yourself to others, you will feel undeserving and inadequate.

Your friends’ success can give you a push to develop and move on in your favorite direction. There’s no doubt that you are capable to follow your dreams. Try to realize that it’s better to be special than just to be a part of the crowd.

8 I’ve never seen it done before

Many people fear to start doing something new since they have never seen it done before. It seems to be a good excuse, but you should find power to be persistent in your struggle for happiness. Rather than looking for reasons, try to be the first person who has done this innovation. It is better to try as much new and interesting things in life as possible than try nothing.

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9 What other people will say about me?

I think, this excuse is the most annoying one. Live your life and forget about other people’s opinion. In any case, people will comment your deeds either positively or negatively. It is almost impossible to be approved and loved by everyone, because there are always many supporters and opponents of your actions. You should realize that a truly strong person doesn’t need the approval of others. Just follow your dreams and let this excuse go.

10 I’ve already tried to do it

If you have a dream to do something, you should be extremely persistent to face all the difficulties. The more mistakes you make the more experiences you gain and more mature you become. Paolo Coelho once said a wise thing, “When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have a sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.” Focus and analyze your mistakes and you will know what to do differently next time.

This article shows you how simple excuse can change your life and ruin your happiness. Try to be conscious of your words and you will notice the improvement of your life. What are your excuses? What do you do to get rid of them? Share your thoughts, please.