How to Be More Spiritual in a Mad World

A deep connection with the universe is not a linear thread. Nor is it wholly tangible. In today’s world, there are so many distractions and temptations that distance us from our spiritual selves.

Yet, without a developed consciousness and heightened sense of self, we are truly missing out on one of the most beautiful facets of life – to be an active part of the universe. Being more spiritual, however, is easy. Wanting to open yourself up to the possibility means you are already halfway there.

Whether you refine your personal definition based on a religious denomination or through other philosophical influences, the gist of spirituality remains the same: “the quality of being concerned with the human soul or spirit as opposed to physical or material things.”

For modern people without any clue about spirituality, think of less about the “soul” part and more about toning down the materialism. When you start to drop the importance of having things and being a consumer, the better that internal energy within – your soul – will radiate warm and joy.

There are a number of ways to find your inner light, but the following steps are the most important part to the journey.

1 Be quiet

This entails disengaging from technology as well as removing yourself from other sources of noises – like people. Enclose yourself in a safe place where you are comfortable. Shut your eyes, and then just exhale all the tension. In the silence, you will notice how your imagination comes alive. Let it run wild. Or let it be completely at ease. As you breathe, do nothing that does not feel organic. Even if your quiet time lasts a mere five minutes, use it to reconnect with you and the breath.

2 Ask yourself questions

Get in touch with the inner you by responding to emotions that rise up in your mind throughout the day. Even during quiet time, notice what you are feeling. Then, try to find out why. Ask yourself what happened, what emotions you are feeling, and what memories that feeling is connected to. Sure, you might not always like the answers you receive from yourself. But that tolerance and acceptance of who you are are the beginning to elevating your spirituality.

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3 Get back to nature

Toss the phone aside. Shut the laptop. Turn off the lights. And then remove yourself from the indoors for a while. That’s right, I am asking you to go outside. Be one with nature, somehow. Regardless of the season, be amongst the green trees, the brittle grass, and sodden earth.

Breathe in the scents of soil and leaves. Feel the sun on your skin. Nature is the closest thing to paradise we have on this planet. Honor it by relishing every piece of it with your senses. When you open your mind to nature and disconnect from technology, true joy is tangible.

4 Make a conscious effort love

Current event has proven that hating each other is easier than loving one another. That is why love, acceptance, and compassion are such wonderful things to practice. Show kindness to others moving throughout your environment. Even if that means just holding open a door or offering your seat to a stranger, do it.

5 Do something for others without expecting a return

The best spiritual high you can achieve comes from just doing nice thing because it makes someone else’s world brighter. When you ask nothing in return, you actually receive a lot. A certain amount of euphoria comes from encouraging simple acts of kindness throughout the day and seeing how many people you can make smile. It lifts everyone up.

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Spirituality does not mean devoting your life to religious work or even taking psychotic drugs to go into outer space. All you have to do is open your mind to the beauty of being kind, showing gratitude, and appreciating the finest things in life. When you stop creating attachments to things, you open the door to the possibilities of the universe.