8 Ways to Be More Mature and a Little Calmer

There has been quite a bit of focus on immaturity and poise this year, has there not? With everyone going red in the face at actions taking place around the world, it is important to remember how to be calm, collected, and mature in situations that do not necessarily please you. Do not let ego rule, nor the little angel and devil on your shoulders. Here are eight ways to be more calm and mature starting today:

1 Focus on you

Getting addled by what other people say, think, and do, even if it has nothing to do with you, is completely asinine. Focusing on things that have little importance, such as a comedy sketch or a satire, when bigger things are at hand, is immature.

If you want to be mature, you have to focus on what you have on your plate and no one else’s. Do what you have to do for you, those around you, and no one else. Forget about the criticism if it is not constructive. Forget about the haters. Forget about comparisons. Just do you.

2 Persevere

Children have a way of stomping their feet and crying when things do not go immediately as planned. They believe that throwing a tantrum is going to settle things, or at least someway get results. Adults know that taking the rejection or the problem in stride without getting discouraged is correct. Do not let emotions cause you lash out and to lose focus on what really matters. Commit to the long run, not to instant gratification.

3 Stop overthinking

The quickest route to upset is over-analyzing the context of every situation. Stop reading too far into emails, messages, texts, and tweets. As my math teacher used to say, do not make things more complicated by reading too far into the question. Be more intuitive. Use creative, critical thinking to solve problems rather than ruminating about the multiple paths. Do not let logical transgress into irrationality.

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4 Stop blaming others

When we put others at the root of our problems, we are being childish and maladaptive. Blaming the parents, the dog, the teacher, or the friend is not going to get you out of the ditch you drove yourself into, okay? Everyone creates their own reality based on how they view the world.

But where calm and mature individuals separated themselves from the asinine is how they take the negative experience and turn it into an educational outcome. Accept mistakes rather than lingering on them. Do not let perfection and fear of failure paralyze you. And do not let that fear drive you to attack others.

5 Seek feedback

One thing irrational, short-tempered people do is fly off the handle when they are given feedback. A composed, rational individual will take the criticism in stride, whether it is negative or positive, say thank you, and try to apply it to themselves in a useful way. Moreover, a mature person will approach others and ask, “But how can I make it better? Do you have any advice?”

6 Tolerance

Accepting the world as it is and learning to be tolerant of opposing views is part of growing up. When a person matures psychologically, they gain a sense of understanding about themselves and the environment. Tolerance increases your ability to adapt to situations that might not suit you because you can digest what is happening more clearly than someone who is rigid and biased.

7 Laugh at yourself

Probably the best way to keep calm is to be able to find reasons to laugh, even in the darkest of times. When you can see the humor in simple things, you are more capable of moving on from that moment. Rather than staying moored in past mistakes, laugh it off, and try again.

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8 Have goals

Mature people have hopes, dreams, and aspirations that drive them. These dreams become their foundation, a moral compass for the soul. Meanwhile, immature people only seek to gain things, without ever moving forward spiritually or mentally. When you invest your time in seeking self-betterment, you often devote time to humanitarian causes too. That is because a mature, tranquil individual seeks to return kindness to the world.

Bringing tranquility and maturity into our lives, even when the situation is dire, is the best way to keep things under control. When we hop aboard the crazy train, nothing good comes from it. So be smart, be cool, and tackle life’s challenges without missing a beat.