How to Avoid Big Thinking Paralyses

Jun 22, 2017

President has recently said, “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?” I agree to a point, but sometimes thinking too big can leave one paralyzed and unable to move ahead in life. There are positives to thinking big, but there are negatives that must be considered as well. In order to avoid being paralyzed by big thinking, there are things you must take into account when looking at the big picture of life.

1 Overthinking things can lead to paralysis

Often times, people who want to think big think too much. Overthinking is when you spend a lot of your time thinking about everything and maybe even worrying about every detail, which can lead to overload. Overload can cause you to become paralyzed in your ability to produce whatever it is you are working toward because you can’t focus on one thing at a time.

2 Big thinking might be overwhelming

The inability to focus on one thing at a time then becomes overwhelming. Overwhelming feelings might lead to frustration and a breakdown of the path you want to be on.

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3 Big thinking might lead to a big failure

Now, I know that big thinking can lead to big wins, but I also believe that big thinking might lead to a big failure. Just because you are thinking big does not mean you will succeed. You might fall flat on your face.

Big thinking could also cause you to move too quickly or take a step in the wrong direction and lead to a big failure. I guess that is a chance you had have to take, but having a big failure might lead to paralysis and fear of moving forward.

4 Big thinking might be too far in the distance

Sometimes the big thinking is too far in the future for you to get a good sense of it all. This might lead to poor decisions. It is great to have a long-term goal for your future, but thinking big might just be out of reach at the moment.

The benefits to short-term thinking

So, what does a person have to do? They want to dream big and accomplish big goals, but big thinking might lead to paralysis and then defeat. Making short-term goals is what will help make the overall picture come into focus with each step you take.

  • There are benefits to short-term thinking.
  • Goals or steps are clear and easy to attain.
  • Small successes lead to big successes later.
  • Achieving goals are within sight.
  • Failures are smaller and easier to learn from.
  • Short term thoughts are manageable rather than overwhelming.

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I am sure you can think of more benefits to short-term thinking as compared to big thinking. Remember that it is great to have that big dream you want to reach. Just break the big thinking down into smaller short-term goals that will not leave you paralyzed. You will still reach your goal, but you will be better prepared and experienced because of the experience you took to get there.