7 Powerful Ways to Become Enormously Productive in a Week

Jun 14, 2016

While productivity comes with a huge experience, there are still some sneaky ways to become enormously productive in a week. It is not about working hours without breaks. It is about working less but getting done more. It is about filling your calendar with important tasks, not lots of waste. If you feel like you are not as productive as you could be, the following tips are exactly for you.

1 Stop thinking too big

How many hours do you usually spend for preparing for a big or small project? A lot, right? Thinking big is great and overthinking the steps you are going to take while doing that project is key to success. The truth, however, is you do not need a lot of time to prepare for doing something.

The more you think, the more time you waste. Start doing any task or project right away and do not clutter your mind with “what ifs.” Eliminate physical and mental time-wasters from your working day, and you will have more time to accomplish things that really matter.

2 Focus on the positive results

Surely, you can commit a mistake and fail. So what? The end of the world? When you focus on the negative results, they happen. Plus, such an attitude leads to stress, doubt, and insecurity. If you strive to learn how to be enormously productive, you should learn how to concentrate on the positive results. This way, you will feel a significant boost to your intellectual capabilities and work more easily.

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3 Follow the rules that work for you

And break those that prevent you from working at your best. Rules are created to be broken. If you feel like some office rules decrease your productivity, let your boss know about it. Unless your boss is selfish and ignorant, they will understand your needs and you both will come up with a smart solution. Strict rules can bring down even the most productive people, so do not fear to speak up when needed. Deadlines do not count, though.

4 Celebrate the small wins

The biggest projects bring the most successful results, but let’s not forget about those little wins that play some role in your career growth too. If you have a big project to accomplish within a week, break it into little tasks and do one at a time. Every time you accomplish a little task, take a 5-minute break or eat your favorite cookie to celebrate it.

When you lack the motivation to do big projects, it is important to find your own method to do it with less pain, stress, and effort. I usually break my projects into three parts. When I finish each part, I call my loved one to take a break between the projects. He celebrates my small win with me and inspires me to accomplish the other two parts.

5 Do not wait for inspiration

“I can’t finish the project because my inspiration has left me.” “I will do the rest of the project tomorrow when my inspiration level will be higher.” These are the common excuses people (especially creative ones) use to escape the work. Instead of waiting around for inspiration, take actions.

Switch off the Internet, TV, and phone, focus and just do it. Do not look for excuses. They never help. The minute you start that challenged project, it will be harder to stop doing it. All you need to do is simply to start. Inspiration will come along the way.

6 Do not get discouraged by your failures

Everyone fails at work at least once a week. Be it a small mistake or a total project failure, it can significantly affect your productivity level, which is why it is critical that you learn how to accept and learn from your failures. Treat each failure as a vital lesson that promotes your personal growth and help you gain precious experience. Your boss may be angry, so learning ignoring them is important too.

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7 Delegate work

This way sounds simple for lazy people, but hard to those who like to do everything by themselves. Overwhelming yourself on a daily basis leads to low productivity and energy, poor focus and certain health issues, including insomnia and chronic fatigue.

When you have tons of tasks and projects to accomplish in a week, chances are you will not do them. Why? Because you will spend the whole week worrying about the ways to do them faster rather than actually finish them. Choose the most important tasks for yourself, and delegate the other ones to others.

There is no secret to being enormously productive every single day. We all have bad days, so do not be too hard on yourself. Stay positive and ignore negative criticism. Remember, you are the only one who can decide how to feel and work today. What are your tips for staying productive during the week?