8 Things Only Productive Night Owls Can Understand

Nov 1, 2022

Night owls are unique people. They boast many wonderful benefits as well as unexpected downsides. It’s hard to co-exist with them if you are a morning person, and you will never understand their lifestyle and weird body clock. Even though it’s not healthy to stay up late each night, night owls do nothing to change their habits. You can find a night owl accomplishing a project, writing an essay, cooking or cleaning the house after midnight. They feel awesome during the nighttime, but have trouble surviving the daytime. It’s a vicious cycle that we productive night owls don’t notice. Here’s what only night owls can understand and those who live with them.

1 It’s better to clean the house at midnight

Productive night owls love to live in a clean house so they never go to bed knowing that they have to do laundry and get rid of dust. Most of the time, I find thousand excuses not to clean my room during the day, but then end up washing and dusting after 1 a.m. I’m not lazy. I simply like to do everything during the night hours.

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2 It’s okay to burn the midnight oil

It’s a bad habit. I know it. You know it. All night owls know it. But what can we do with our body clock? Break it. Reteach it. Maybe, yes. Do you want it? As a master night owl, I know how it’s hard to become a morning person. I’ve tried and tested tons of early-bird-tips and now I’m still a productive night owl that thinks that it’s okay to burn the midnight oil.

3 The best ideas come after 11 p.m.

You can accomplish as many research and tasks as you can during your work day but you can’t fall asleep after 11 p.m. because there are so many ideas and so many energy and desire to do that stuff tonight that you forget about your bed. You answer emails (actually, everyone thinks that you suffer from insomnia or workaholism but no one realizes who you really are), you watch new episodes of your favorite shows, cook something or simply write a diary.

4 ‘I do much more than you think’

While your parents, friends and coworkers wake up early in the morning and do tons of things before you get up, it doesn’t mean you do nothing but sleep in. You already accomplished those tasks when they saw fantastic or bad dreams, which means there’s a reason why you can’t wake up early. Nothing strange. Productive night owls have another habits so obviously they don’t understand morning people. Enjoying a sunrise isn’t their thing.

5 Early to bed, early to rise? No way!

Even if a night owl will turn off their phone, laptop and television, they won’t fall asleep earlier than 2 a.m. Suggest them read a book to relax and help their brain shift into sleep mode. They will spend three or more hours reading that book. Suggest them practice some yoga poses for better sleep, be sure they will practice yoga until 3 a.m. No matter how hard you try, it’s hard to teach a night owl to go to bed before 11 p.m.

6 Sleepy mornings and sluggish days

Productive night owls can’t wake up with a grateful heart and positive thoughts early in the morning. Moreover, they experience mood swings every 5 minutes. It seems they hate the daytime. However, once they see the setting sun, they instantly become energized, positive and fun. They get a “second wind” before bedtime and are ready to tackle any task.

7 I’ll go to bed earlier tonight

Honestly, I’ve said it many times and never did it. Regardless of how exhausted, tired and sleepy a productive night owl is, they won’t fall asleep earlier than 11 p.m. They turn and twist and take some medicines or drink alcohol. All these methods are harmful. Changing a body clock doesn’t happen overnight. It requires baby steps and lots of patience.

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8 I can get up early when it’s needed

Night owls aren’t afraid to take responsibilities. If they have to wake up at 6 a.m., they will do it and survive the whole day without moaning and crying. Night owls are strong. They control their emotions and know how to stay productive and energized all day long after a sleepless night. If there’s a crucial reason, they can remove mountains and show excellent results.

Night owls face a great number of health issues, but unfortunately, it doesn’t stop them from staying up late. As a night owl, I know this struggle. It’s a real war. The only time when I can go to bed earlier is when I feel sick or depressed. I promise myself to change my body clock, but the next morning I wake up, procrastinate and everything begins all over again. If you are a productive night owl, what problems do you face each day?