How Productive People Do Nothing But Still Get Things Done

What is the key to success? What successful people do to feel happy in life? They say that success goes after straightforwardness, luck and hard work. But what if I say that you can be successful without doing anything? The less you do, the happier you become. In fact, that`s completely true even though it`s hard to believe in it. We actually do more than we should and what prevents us from a real success is doing odd and useless things. We care about something we shouldn`t and miss something important instead. Here’s how productive people do nothing but still get things done

1 They do what they have to do

Does it happen so that someone asks you to do their work for them? It does and it`s wrong if you agree with those so-called “friendly requests.” Do you know why? Because then you won`t manage to do your own tasks. You`ll also ask someone to do something for you and even though they`ll accept your request, the best done is always done on your own. Why should we put our work on others` shoulders then? Don`t take other people`s work even if you have a free time as you can have a nice daydreaming hour instead of doing something you don`t want. Dreams are an irreplaceable part of success thus take enough time to dream every day.

2 They don’t do things that can wait

We often do something in advance. We think it`s better to be ready for anything. It`s partially true but if you`ll have a birthday in a week, why do you start preparing for it now? It can wait and meanwhile there are lots of other important things for you to do like eating an ice cream, for example. Yes, ice cream stimulates your brain`s work and it becomes ready to produce the most brilliant ideas you`ve ever had. Let the future be in future and take care about the incredible present moment instead.

3 They have a short to-do list

Most people have long to-do lists that show them what to do but the amount of these things is always too big to be completed. Those lists make them feel overwhelmed and stressed because it’s impossible to accomplish so many tasks in a day. Now tell me, can a person who suffers all the time become successful? No way! Create short to-do lists and accomplish those tasks that can’t wait.

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4 They know what they want

Successful people know what they want. They never waste their time on things they don’t like or don’t want to deal with. People who have numerous duties every day have no room for themselves and their happiness. They gradually forget why they actually do their work and what’s their purpose in life. Their lives are full of grief and disappointments. They do what they don`t want and the amount of this undesirable work is so huge that they can`t even do it all on time. Stop doing what you don`t want and meditate a bit. It`ll help you find out your purpose in life.

5 They never overwork

The person who`s busy from the early morning till the late night is exhausted all the time. They are busy with lots of useless trifles but when the time to do something really important that can make them successful comes, they have no energy to do that at all. Do nothing instead. Think positively and be always ready to act when it`s time for your best action. Successful individual is the one who does only what they should but not what others want them to do.

6 They take care of their health

Successful person is a healthy person but can you have a really strong health if you work all the time? No, you can`t. Everyone is good at something and everyone can become a professional in some sphere. Unfortunately, only a few people realize it and do what they really love. Think what makes you happy and do that as much as possible instead of doing something awful that damages your health. We feel great only when we do what we love.

7 They’re wise

No offence, guys, all of us are smart, but only successful people are wise. If you work without a break, you have no free minute for self-education. Not only is there no time for any education but you also can`t even think about your life. Your brain turns into a kind of mechanism unable to create. The only thing you can do is to keep your daily routine alive as long as possible until you have no more strength for that. Do nothing and think more instead. Thinking makes people successful and wise. You start seeing the world from different angle and then you realize what you should do to be happy in life. This thing is different from person to person so you can`t ask someone what you need for happiness. Only you know it – let yourself say it to you. Listen to yourself more attentively!

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8 They’re calm and positive

Overworking leads to stress, anxiety and depression. People who work too much suffer from doing what they don`t want and they tend to have poor health. They hate those who are more successful than they are. These are all negative emotions successful people don`t have. Why? Because they do nothing and feel happy. Stop doing anything and get rid of all that negativity you have due to enormous amount of work. You have much more crucial tasks like breathing fresh morning air and feeling inspiration. This is the thing that`ll make you successful indeed.

Doing nothing is the key to success and now you know it well. You shouldn`t have a job you hate as it only destroys your true potential and makes you feel miserable. Do what you have to do and say no to the tasks you don’t want to accomplish. Do you think people who do nothing are successful?