8 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

People are obsessed with apps these days. Whether it’s good or bad, some apps can really make our lives easier. Each day we should accomplish plenty of important tasks and projects, do shopping, exercise, cook, eat healthy, help our children with homework and do all those household chores. We strive to stay healthy, active, productive and manage time and budget properly, but fail because of lack of help. Apps are good helpers. They can help you be more efficient in all spheres of life. Check out some of my favorite apps that could make your life easier and happier.

1 First Aid by American Red Cross


This one is a must-have app. Life is full of unexpected surprises. Whether they are good or bad, you should always be ready for them. The app has step-by-step advice about first aid, plenty of safety tips, useful videos, and interactive quizzes. You can also call 911 right from the app. No matter what comes your way, the First Aid by American Red Cross app will definitely help. The app is free.

2 Relax Melodies


This app is not a new one; maybe some of you know it or even use it, but I want to share my impressions about using this app. I’ve been using it for more than year and I must admit that it another app everyone should have. Stress is an inevitable part of life. When you don’t know how to cope with stress in a healthy way, it can cause many health issues, including insomnia, anxiety and depression. The app features relaxing sounds that help you fight stress and fall asleep faster; it can help your baby to sleep better as well. The sounds are perfect for yoga and massaging sessions too. If you are looking to improve your health, give this app a try.

3 Fitbit


The Fitbit app will help you live a healthier life and be more active throughout the day. It helps to watch your calorie intake, keep your weight under control, keep track of your daily activities, follow your training program, achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, and many more. You can enlist your family member, friend or coworker and compete with them. This versatile app is free.

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4 Strides


If you are trying to change your old habits, improve yourself and reach life-changing goals, the app Strides can make the process easier. Many of us fail to achieve some goals because it’s hard to stay motivated. Strides will help you become more efficient and productive all day long and keep you motivated to change your life for the better. This app is free and was updated a few days ago. Personally I use this app each day to track my goals and eliminate some of my worst habits from my life.

5 Pocket Expense Personal Finance


Keep track of your spending, monitor all your financial accounts, track all your bills, reach your savings goals and overall keep your budget under control with the Pocket Expense Personal Finance app. The app helps you to see how much money is left until your paycheck is gone. It can teach you to shop wisely and budget your money more efficiently. With this free app, it will be easier for you to take control of your finances.

6 Out of Milk


I have been using this free app for almost year and can’t imagine my everyday life without it. Gone are the days when I forgot to buy some necessary things. The Out of Milk app helps me to create grocery lists in a matter of minutes and I don’t have to worry about losing my piece of paper or leaving my grocery list at home, unless I forget my phone at home. It also help me to keep track of my tasks thanks to the app’s integrated to-do lists. But the best thing about Out of Milk is that I can share my lists with my partner to divide our shopping and household duties.

7 Planner Plus


With this app, you can get more done in a day and do it faster, easier and better. The app features events, tasks and notes so there’s no need to download other apps. You can learn how to plan your day, manage your time and accomplish your tasks without exhausting yourself. The Planner Plus app is perfect for people with super busy schedules.

8 Groupon


The Groupon app helps to get deals for 50-70% off the most popular stuff to see, do, and purchase in over 500 cities worldwide. You can save on almost everything while traveling around the world. I check Groupon before I go out shopping, dining or when planning a trip to another city/country. I also love to share Groupon deals with my parents, sister and friends via social media. This app is a must-have for savvy buyers.

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Believe it or not, some apps can really make your life easier. They motivate and help you to improve yourself, change your habits and become more successful. These 8 apps are all free and they are good helpers. I recommend using them daily because I use them and I can say from my personal experience that they work wonders. What apps do make your life better?