5 Tips to Set Intentions and Stick to Them

Nov 23, 2017

Good intentions. We all have them. It is what we do with them that truly counts. I find myself often having good intentions but then never following through to do them. How about you? Do you find yourself doing the same? What can you and I do to stick to those intentions? Let’s try some of these ideas.

1 Make a list or set a goal

The first thing to do is to make a list or set your goal. List all the good intentions you have for the day and set a goal of how much you will accomplish from that list.

2 Prioritize your day

I know for me, I get overwhelmed with all the things on my to do list. So, one idea I thought of was to prioritize the day. Take the to-do list and prioritize each item. Decide whether those things all must be done today or not. Set a deadline and write that date directly on the list so it can be seen daily. Do what is most important now and set aside the other things until later.

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3 Start small

Take baby steps to accomplish the intentions you set out to do. One easy way to overwhelm yourself and then put things off is to have too big of goals. Maybe you start off very small and easy with the intention of making your bed today. Whatever it is that you intend to do, think about whether it is just too big of a bite to swallow now or if you can break it down into smaller bites and stick to accomplishing those intentions bits at a time.

4 Refocus

What if you fall back into the habit of having good intentions but not actually sticking to them? You take the time to refocus your attention. Reflect on what caused you to fail at getting those intentions taken care of. Then, decide and list all the things you can to avoid that pattern again. Lastly, get right back on track of things! Do not give up!

5 Celebrate

Everyone loves to celebrate, but it is especially important when you struggle with sticking to your intentions and accomplishing the to-do list. Celebrate small successes. Celebrate big successes. Celebrate how your intentions affected others and the world around you.

This is vital in helping to create a new habit of sticking to the intentions. If you do not celebrate, you can easily fall back into the trap of having good intentions and that is all. Do not settle for that.

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When it comes to good intentions, take the time to make a list, prioritize it, make small goals, refocus when you lose focus, and celebrate all the big and little successes you have. Soon, the good intentions you have become good deeds done, and that can be very freeing.