10 Things Successful People Do on Friday

Depending on your occupation, Friday can be one of winding down and preparing for the weekend or crunch time. Unanswered emails, meetings, and reports can elevate your stress level on Friday to new heights. Time to take note of how the successful people everyone looks up to handle their end of the work week so you too can be as positive about the weekend as they are.

1 Prioritize the coming week

Though you have two days between Friday and the next work week, knowing what to expect come Monday will help you relax over the weekend. Get a rough outline put together about the upcoming events, tasks, project deadlines, and other things that will be done. Discuss what will be happening in the future with your colleagues to make sure everyone is on the same page.

2 Go for a walk

If you have a decent lunch break, recharge your batteries by getting up from the desk and taking a walk. It does not have to be outside. Simply stretch your legs, meander the office space, and let your mind wander. If you can get outside, head somewhere where there is plenty of greenery, as this will boost your mood and make you feel more awake. Better yet, bring a group along for the trip for some team-building.

3 Visit your coworkers

A valuable resource in the office would be your coworkers. These people are tackling the same matters you are. Walk around the office, stopping by every desk to simply check in with people and learn a little about them.

Successful CEOs also use the end of the week to notice the accomplishments of their employees. Not only is it great to know the people you are working with, but the simple action of checking in with everyone creates a sense of community that boosts morale to finish the week on a high note.

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4 Make a routine

Many CEOs and successful people are notorious for having routines. Organization is crucial to success, after all. Take 15 to 30 minutes every Friday to clean out your email inbox, clean the office, organize your files, catch up on the latest industry news, and reduce all that psychological clutter that could bog down your Monday.

5 Tie-up loose ends

Wrapping up every single project, conversation, decision, and discussion on time is impossible, especially on Friday. Successful people realize that they need a certain amount of flexibility to make things work. However, they also endeavor to tie up any loose ends that can be accomplished by Friday evening. That way, they can go into the weekend with all boxes on the to-do list checked off.

6 Have some fun

A part of the Friday ritual or routine usually involves something that kicks off the weekend and helps close the door on the week. This usually involves going out with coworkers to get a meal or drink, taking a fitness class, or anything else that they enjoy. The key point is that it has to be something you look forward to and can treat as a reward for finishing up another week of work.

7 Ignore the phone

Bosses and entrepreneurs usually are glued to the phone throughout the week, but you may notice that they are on it significantly less on Friday. That is because they do not want to start anything that would be looming over them all weekend, so calls are not scheduled after a certain time on Friday. They instead use the quiet moment to do other actions present on this list.

8 Reflect

One thing successful CEOs and entrepreneurs never fail to do is look back on their progress. Friday is the close of a long week, and so reflection on where the company started off on Monday and where it is ending is integral to how the next work week will begin. This way, if something was off or ineffective, they can target that, change it, and figure out a way to make the next week better than the last.

9 Think about weekend plans

Nothing lights that internal fire like thinking about all the fun that awaits on Saturday and Sunday. When motivation is lagging, successful people will tell themselves that the weekend can’t start until ‘X and y’ are accomplished.

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10 Set accessibility ground rules

Work life balance is important. Successful people realize this and are keen on setting availability ground rules for their weekend. They will often let their colleagues know ahead of time if they plan on disregarding their work email and phone over the weekend. That way they can focus on life instead of work.

You do not have to necessarily plan out every minute of your Friday, but you should learn how to maximize your efforts to wrap everything up and leave the office satisfied.

Successful people are who they are because they understand how to balance their work with other facets of their lives and rarely let one negatively impact the other. By staying prepared and ahead of the game, you can be successful too!