7 Smart Ways to Outsource Your Activities

If the world was perfect and had more than 24 workable hours in a day, you would not be neck deep in household chores, job duties, and general errands. Rather than floundering with a ridiculous amount of work, would you not rather delegate all of the extraneous work to someone else?

When certain tasks are not fun for you, someone else could do it and enjoy it. Outsourcing is not some lofty ambition, nor is it lazy or expensive, and it can dramatically elevate your productivity.

1 Virtual receptionist

Phone ringing off the hook and no time to answer it? A virtual receptionist can help alleviate some of the burdens. From professional business to at-home calls, the receptionist can handle unexpected callers, taking messages, schedule upcoming appointments, or handle customer questions.

Plus, if you are running a side hustle, having a receptionist makes you look all the more put together. Try services like Ruby Receptionist, MyReceptionist, and VoiceCloud.

2 School transportation

Playing chauffeur and driving to the kids school is a drag. Worse is trying to get the kids there on time, weave through the mayhem, and still commute to work without suffering from road rage.

You may have considered charter busing but may have got bowled over by the price. Uber, Schoolber, and Lyft are three options that can get your kids to school. Unlike Uber and Lyft, however, Schoolber is just for children and acts as a carpool for children throughout your neighbor.

3 Virtual assistant

Doctors, dentists, car repair, hair appointments, dinner dates, price checks… the list is unending. Even if you work from home, there is more than gauntlet to run when trying to pencil details into the weekly calendar. That is why you should pass those tasks over to a virtual assistant.

Hours of your life can be saved for often as low as $5 for half an hour, if you go through a service like Fiverr. There are other providers, too, like Fancy Hands (where you pay between $3-5 per task), Taskrabbit, Task Bullet, Zirtual, and MyTasker. The virtual assistants on any of those sites can do simple things like handling appointments, calling for dinner reservations, and other forms of data entry.

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4 Housecleaner

Unless you like dusting, most of us have considered hiring a cleaner at least once in our adult lives. So, why not do it? The beauty of having someone come in and deep clean the house at least once a month puts less pressure on your to maintain a spotless residence. Such services are quick, efficient, and usually not too costly.

5 Grocery delivery

Amazon and other companies have gotten into the trending delivery service for groceries. Rather than having to slog all the way to the store, deal with the madness, and potentially not find what you need, online shopping relieves a lot of the burden.

Of course, it does not stop with just boxed goods and fresh produce. You can even use services like BoozeCarriage and Drizly to have alcohol and spirits delivered to your doorstep. That should save some time for party planning, at least.

6 Subscription crates

These are nifty in a number of ways because you never have to worry about remembering to buy something. It is also nice because you know what you are spending every month on these supplies so you can budget for them.

Some of the best services include food services like Blue Apron, Healthy Surprise, Beer of the Month, and Nature Box. There are also grooming kits for men and women, like the Dollar Shave Club, Sephora Play, and Little Lace Box. Kids can also get in on the fun with special deliveries too.

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7 Yard work and maintenance

Just like having a house cleaner for the interior, you can get some neighborhood kids to pull weeds or hiring a more professional service to trim the hedges, clean the gutters, and mow the lawn. Guru.com, Freelancer, Taskrabbit, and Craigslist are all decent when it comes to finding lawn care professionals.

So how about it? You ready to try outsourcing those droll, tedious tasks to someone else? The time you save by outsourcing daily activities is going to make you feel so alive. Give these seven ways to outsource a try to see just how much you will benefit.