5 Reasons I Always Stay Productive, Even on the Weekends

Oct 21, 2022

There are many incredible benefits of being more productive in life. To tell the truth, I’m a lazy person by nature, at least I think so. Formerly, I really enjoyed spending my time doing absolutely nothing and I thought I lived a happy and fulfilled life. My aunt had always told me that my life wasn’t interesting and laziness would never help me become happy and successful.

The thing is, my aunt is incredibly active and always busy. I’ve never seen her watching TV or simply sleeping the whole day. She is always positive and happy, even when she has some troubles. She is a happy wife, an ideal mom of two wonderful kids, a successful businesswoman and an enthusiastic volunteer for a few organizations. She persuaded me that staying productive each day, even on the weekends, is the key to a longer, happier life. I learnt many life lessons from her and I’m so happy that I understood that my laziness was like a disease that could slowly kill me. Here are a few reasons I stay productive every single day and why you should too.

1 High energy levels

Every time I spend my day doing nothing, I have much lower energy level than when I’m busy the whole day. Although healthy eating is essential for higher energy levels, staying productive all day long can give you more energy to accomplish more tasks in a day. Morning exercise is one of my favorite ways to increase my energy level and burn unwanted calories. If you are trying to boost your own natural energy levels, I recommend you to make morning exercise a habit. You will feel much better and more energized in a week. Just don’t forget to work out on your weekends, and don’t give up if you will feel a little bit tired after your first morning exercise.

2 Great mood

I don’t know about you, but I always have a feeling of contentment when I do lots of things during the day. Staying productive helps me live my life with purpose. I don’t waste my precious time watching useless TV shows and horrible movies, though I do love watching some beautiful movies like The Notebook. I think it’s better to help an animal shelter or church on the weekends than to sleep the whole day or surf the Internet. When I feel down, volunteering is one of the most effective ways to boost my mood. I believe doing a good deed is always appreciated.

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3 I get more done in a day

While I do agree that it’s hard to get more done each day, it’s possible to do if you’ll stay productive and positive during the day. The key word here is positivity. At my first job, I was always stressed out and it was the major reason I couldn’t stay productive each day. It was difficult for me to get the most important tasks done in a day. Why? Because I didn’t know that positive attitude could help me be more productive. At my current job, my schedule is even more busy, but I manage to get more done in a day thanks to my high levels of productivity and positivity.

4 I stay in shape with a little effort

One of the most amazing reasons I always stay productive, even on the weekends is because I want to keep my weight under control. Watching TV, playing games, and surfing the Internet while munching on unhealthy food are all fun things to do, especially on the weekend, but they can lead to weight gain and obesity. Numerous studies show that moving more throughout the day helps stay in shape with a very little effort.

5 Career

Even though we don’t have to think about the work on the weekends, sometimes getting a few little tasks done when you have free time can contribute to your career success. When you are trying to make your career in something, it never hurts to accomplish a few tasks or learn something new on the weekends. That’s my personal point of view and my reason to stay productive each day. You will never become successful, if you do nothing each day.

Staying productive doesn’t mean that you should work the whole day and night. Don’t overload yourself with endless to-do lists. Instead, learn to manage your time properly, cultivate positive thinking and stay active even on your weekends. What are your reasons to stay productive each day? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.