5 Things to Do Within the First Two Weeks of 2018

It is the first week of the new year. On that note, there is always a lot of talk about what one should do in the year but then at what point should those things be done?

It is important to hit the ground running at the beginning of every year. Never assume that the year is just starting and so you have a lot of time on your hands to achieve whatever goals you have lined out. Thus, these five things are an absolute must that you should take care of within a fortnight of this year.

1 Create an additional stream of income

Supposing you are still depending solely on your 9-5 job then giddy up! It is time to secure another source of income – that is the route to financial freedom. You may already have a business but you could always get an additional one. Be very deliberate about this.

Go all out and even create a business plan. It could be a passion that you may decide to turn into a money-churning venture or an existing business that you may want to invest in. Whatever the case, decide on an enterprise and pursue it within the first two weeks else you will get cold feet as the year progresses.

2 Deal with toxic relationships

It is a no-brainer. Anyone who did not actively contribute to your life or weighed you down in 2017 should be given the boot as soon as possible in 2018. This may be a bit difficult, however, if the person(s) is/are really dear to you.

It may be a spouse, close friend, boy/girlfriend etc. but, you should not keep suffering in silence. Sit the person down and address the situation and if nothing changes, take a stand against such treatment.

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3 Face your fears

Any lingering fear from 2017 should be dealt with. A career switch or a life-altering change should be done within the first two weeks because the sooner they are dealt with, the faster you can progress.

More so, your fears may not necessarily be major or may even be something like acrophobia. Face them all the same. It is enjoyable to begin the year on a fresh start, without encumbrance, isn’t it?

4 Begin working on your resolutions

Supposing you have specific goals like exercising more, eating less, saving more etc. then begin working on them the moment you cross into the new year. The way you begin the year determines the tone you will set for the entire year. Start the year with commitment and dedication.

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5 Plan a vacation

Well, what’s the point of working all year long without resting? Most people take vacations for granted and so when summer or their annual leave comes, they have no plans.

However, starting the year with concrete preparations for a vacation like setting money aside and even choosing vacation spots is a great way to go. This process in itself is fun and gives you something to look forward to all year long.