8 Tips for Your First Vacation as a Couple

Jul 15, 2016

Taking your very first vacation with your new boyfriend is exciting, but there are many things that can ruin your whole couple time, if not a relationship. Whether you both have been dating for a while or for years, you might have trouble spending a month together without anyone else around you. Everything starts with careful planning and tons of talking. Check out what you and your partner can do to have an unforgettable first vacation as a couple.

1 Make sure your vacation is not jam-packed with too many things to do and to see

Depending on where you go, chances are there will be many things to see and to do, but try to leave most of them for tourists. When you go on a vacation as a couple, your main goal should be to get to know each other better and see how the two of you can spend time together. Enjoy each other’s company while having fun in your dream destination.

2 Forget about responsibilities

Plan your vacation before you get to the airport so that you and your partner can forget about your responsibilities for a while. No checking your emails. No worrying about your problems. No fighting over the dishes. No matter what happened before your vacation, leave it in the past and discuss or solve the problem when your vacation is over. Couple vacations are about relaxing, not taking responsibilities.

3 Ditch Instagram

Okay, okay, I know you want your friends to know how happy you are with your boyfriend or where you spend your vacation, but post all those photos online as soon as you get home from a trip. Another rule to set is no Internet access. If possible, do not pack your laptops or tablets at all. Create memories in your heads. Instagram will wait.

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4 Plan extra romantic dates

Taking a walk along a sunset or sunrise beach seems to be boring, but why not taking this boring idea to the next level by planning some romantic picnics. If you are going to visit a big city, skip those ordinary restaurant trips and look for weird, couple-friendly dinner places. Get creative with your dates during your vacation. Also, do not rely on your boyfriend only. Try to come up with the ideas together.

5 Be willing to compromise

Many couples tend to fight over trifles during traveling. If you and your partner want to make your first vacation as a couple happy, both of you should be willing to compromise over a vacation destination, money, activities and other issues that can appear unexpectedly. If money is a major problem, set a daily budget and stick to it.

6 Skip a camping trip

Unless both of you are camping junkies, it is best to skip a camping trip this summer. Choose a destination that you two are interested in, but make sure this destination will give you enough space to spend some alone time. This tip is also crucial for those who are not ready for intimacy.

7 Do not set too high standards

Just because he is a man does not mean he must do anything to please you. Not every man has money, so if your boyfriend is low on cash, try to choose a budget-friendly destination and opt for activities that will not drain his wallet. But the best option here is to create a mutual vacation budget – invest in your vacation together.

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8 Consider your meal times

Food may be the last thing you consider when planning your first vacation as a couple, but let’s not forget that men love to eat and you are no exception as well. Find out what your boyfriend likes and what dislikes. If you are on a diet, do not make your significant other stick to your diet too. He does not want to count calories. He wants to eat delicious meals and try new foods. Isn’t it a great excuse to forget about the calories and pounds at least for a week.

Even though planning is important, all you should do during your first vacation as a couple is relax and have fun. Do not set too high expectations and compromise when you feel you two are about to fight. We have a tendency to dwell on the tiny things when in reality we do not need too much to have an unforgettable trip. Have fun!