6 Things to Accomplish till the End of the Year

Oct 24, 2022

The holiday season is almost here. Many of us are extremely busy preparing for it since we want this holiday season to be special and unforgettable. The new year is a wonderful chance to make a step into your new life. Sometimes the burden of the past and present moment doesn’t let you start a new phase of life. For the sake of future success, you should use your pre-new year time and opportunities to tie up loose ends before you move to a new circle of adventures.

Wise people and psychologists advise to free the mind of anxiety, negativity and resentment, because these feelings tie your hands. It’s not a good idea to carry all wrongs, difficulties and unresolved issues on your shoulders. Do your best to fulfill all the tasks and plans. Moreover, try to say good bye to all squabbling and dead ends of the old year. Here are 6 things you should accomplish till the end of the year.

1 Debts and promises

Do you know that it’s desirable to pay off all your debts till the end of the year? Many superstitious people believe that a good year beginning sets the tone of its run. If you’re able to find money and satisfy all your creditors, then it’s okay. If you’re up to the neck in debt, then try to be a realist and not to stuff your head with different superstitions. Instead of falling to pieces, you’d better instill confidence in your abilities and try to work more in order to increase your profits. When you complete this task, you’ll have a chance to start living and enjoying a debt free life.

You shouldn’t also forget about your broken promises. You might have promised your sister to go shopping together, and unfortunately, failed to do it. It’s high time to keep your word, because next year no one will treat your words and promises seriously.

2 Get rid of bad habits and improve health

If you’re an active smoker, you should realize that smoking isn’t the best quality of a successful and real woman. I’m sure that you have a lot of other negative habits and little disadvantages, but it’s not a problem at all. It’s been scientifically proved that a human being is able to get rid of almost all bad habits in one day, but everything depends on the strength of your willpower. Your habits are the result of your mental decision, because people usually do things they find pleasant and it’s not easy to resist the temptation to do something wrong.

The next significant thing to do is to take care of your health. Even torpid diseases can exert strong negative influence on your emotional well-being and put a damper on your festive spirit. Find time to visit your doctor and make all necessary examinations. Remember that healthy diet and regular exercise keep the doctor away.

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3 Forgive and release past hurts

Before you go to your doctor, you should try to understand yourself and let your hidden resentment go. Just draw conclusions and forget about troublesome moments. These feelings can spoil not only the holiday season, but the whole next year as well. There’re many effective ways to forgive and free your heart of negative feelings. Just take a clean sheet of paper and write down all offences and worries that keep a tight rein on your mind. Read it aloud and tell yourself that you forgive everyone and everything. It will help your negative energy fade away.

4 Throw away unnecessary stuff

People keep a lot of unnecessary and pointless items at home. They tend to clutter their houses up due to their habit to have everything close at hand. It’s important to realize that your home is not storage. According to feng shui, these people are less successful, because their energy flow is blocked. Feng shui specialists say that those who don’t fear to give something can gain and achieve more.

I understand that every item reflects certain memories and emotions, but these emotions should remain forever in your mind, not in your house. You should be brave and determined enough to thoroughly clean your house and throw away your old things. Purification of your mind is no less important than housecleaning. Try to get rid of your obsessive and negative thoughts, and you’ll have an opportunity to take a deep breath next year.

5 Get rid of toxic people

Today both environmental problems and the consumption of junk food aren’t as dangerous for your life as direct communication with toxic people. These evil-wishers might have presented a great number of unpleasant surprises to you this year. If possible, try to cross these people out of your present life. Next year promise yourself to surround yourself only with positive people who will let your inner sun shine.

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6 Make plans for 2015

It’s better to make a plan of concrete actions for the future in advance. What would you like to improve or change in 2015? It’s up to you, because you’re the only one who can set correct priorities for the coming year. Try to analyze the present year and you’ll know what spheres of your life you should improve. Many of us choose family and experience; others tend to earn more money. My boss often advises our team to focus on experience, money will follow. I support this idea.

Don’t tell yourself that there’s no time to change or finish something. I believe that most of these pieces of advice can be fulfilled in one or two days. All you need is a big desire to improve yourself. If you accomplish everything this year, you’ll be ready to face the challenges of a new year. Making plans should be a point number one in your list. This significant step will motivate you to reach for the sky and move forward next year. Do you believe that all sorrows and unresolved situations of this year can have a negative impact on the coming year? We’d like to know your opinion!