10 Important Things You Should Do in 2015

Oct 24, 2022

With a new year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make the New Year incredible. The New Year is often associated with great resolutions and brave undertakings. A new year gives you an opportunity to start a new better life. You have a chance to change things, starting right now. Define what you want to do and what you have to accomplish in the coming year. What should you start with? Here are 10 important things you should do daily in 2015. Maybe you will think these things are not so important, but think twice before jumping on quick conclusions.

1 Drink more water

It may sound silly, but most people are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration can affect everything from your concentration and memory to your energy levels. Drinking more water over the next 12 months will make a big difference in your life. Most people, however, drink much less water than required simply because they don’t feel thirsty. What are the ways to drink more water every day? Splurge on a beautiful water bottle of your favorite color or unusual design. Keep the bottle close at hand and don’t forget to refill it each hour. Adding your favorite flavor such as mint or orange is also a good way to encourage you to drink more. Drink a glass of water as an appetizer before meal. This trick will also help you to eat less and lose weight.

2 Give a hug a day

Whether or not you live with someone, make a point of giving somebody a hug every day. The human contact is a great way to boost your mood and no one can resist hugging back. Hugging has a powerful healing properties; it helps to combat anxiety, loneliness, depression and many other diseases. While hugging people exchange their energy, which helps them create strong bonds and relationship. Our touches are a very powerful tool of non-verbal communication. They help to display the wide range of emotions with great accuracy. Hugging is equally important to both parties. Don’t overlook hugging your family members, friends or even colleagues the next time you see them.

3 Do something you’ve been waiting to do

Have you always wanted to visit Mexico? Are you yearning to write a book? This is the year to do it. The beginning of a new year is a good time to compose your bucket list and start realizing your dreams. No matter what your reasons are for putting your dreams off, take steps this year to reaching them. No one knows how long they will live and it may be too late if you wait too long. Don’t be afraid to dream big, to take the first step or to face the inevitable obstacles. The most important thing to remember if you want to make your dreams come true is to forget the phrase ‘What if’. Unless you get rid of this thought, you will always hesitate over a choice.

4 Write a will

Most people agree that writing a will is a right idea, but still most of us put off this significant moment. If you don’t have a will, write one this year. It will save your family a lot of hassle if you should pass. Unfortunately, many people do not have a valid will and when they die, things can get very complicated. Make it easy on your family and make out that will. You should consider writing a will if you’re unmarried or remarried with kids from the first marriage. This way you’ll be sure that your children will be provided with a share of your property. Moreover, while writing a will you’ll reconsider and sort out your affairs and clarify the current state of things.

5 Save for big items

Whether or not you are currently in debt, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by saving up the cash for large purchases instead of putting it on the credit card or doing payments. Buying a big-ticket item always requires a detailed planning. You should make a list of the desirable items, define the price and established time frame. Alter your plan when needed either by postponing minor purchases or by cutting your expenses. If you can’t pay for it up front, you should rethink whether you really need the item. Read also – 7 Crucial Reasons You Should Start Saving Money

6 Connect with people

Don’t let yourself sink into the world of technology. Take time to meet up with friends for coffee or lunch and get out in the world. When you connect with others face to face on a regular basis, you will find that you are much happier. Not only is face to face communication more productive, it’s also about non-verbal cues that add a personal touch and help people understand one another better. In the era of global computerization, it’s really hard not to use the Internet. But I try to limit my time online by avoiding online shopping, chatting and browsing.

7 Live according to your priorities

What do you want to get out of life? Are you living in a way that reflects that? If not, you should take a good look at your life and decide what you need to change. You will be happier if you follow your goals. A lot of people are lost in their lives because they fail to recognize their real values and goals. Your desires are influenced greatly by media, fashion and society, which prevents you from living your own life. However, living in accordance with your inner needs is a pledge of fulfillment and content. If you feel that you live somebody else’s life, you should step back and reconsider your choices.

8 Tell someone what they mean to you

Don’t just take those around you for granted. Take a moment to let them know how much you appreciate them. Anyone you know can be told, since it doesn’t need to be a declaration of your undying love. Compliments and kind words are valuable to both giver and receiver. Saying a kind word is the easiest way to boost somebody’s spirits and make one’s day. Tell your barista that you appreciate her sunny attitude every morning. Not only will you feel good, you’ll make a difference in someone else’s life.

9 Decide to be happy

Happiness is a state of mind. It is also a set-point and it will take you a long time to learn to be happy no matter what. It’s possible to be happy even when circumstances are against you. If things aren’t going your way, make a point of looking for a bright spot in the clouds. Yes, our well-being is greatly determined by genetics, living conditions and many uncontrolled factors. Still, happiness is something we definitely can control. It isn’t always easy, but if you dedicate yourself to being happy for an entire year, you’ll have the whole process down by the end of the year. Just find something you can be grateful for and enjoy the present moment.

10 Smile

Part of being happy is just smiling. It will make you feel better and smiles are contagious. Everyone around you will have to smile when you’re smiling. Studies show that a change in a person’s expression such as a smile leads to physiological changes and production of feel-good hormones. In other words people feel better even when they imitate a smile. A grin is a little thing, but it really has a big impact on your life and those around you.

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Now that 2015 is almost upon you, it’s time to start making some goals. Defining the points that you should focus on provides a good motivation and encouragement. Remember that a new year offers you hundreds of opportunities and it’s a great time to reach your goals. You and you alone are responsible for making the next year a great one. What are your goals for 2015?