11 Tips for Accelerating Your Life to Excellence

Many people want to accelerate their lives to excellence these days, but they don’t know how to do it the right way. In fact, people have six needs and the most essential needs are growth and contribution. If you want to increase your focus on growth and contribution, here are a few tips to follow:

1 Listen to your intuition

Nowadays, living in a high tempo of modern life, we don’t to our intuition. We are snowed under a great number of rules, traditions and laws which often conflict with the signals of our gut feeling. Human intuition always knows the answer to any question, but it’s quite challenging to reach harmony and balance between mind and heart (gut feeling). People become really happy when they listen to the heart that makes them closer to excellence.

2 Concentrate on clarity

Focusing on clarity is an indispensable part of reaching excellence in your life. Moreover, it is necessary to know what you want that is quite challenging for many people. For example, only 5% of North Americans know what goals they want to reach. Clarify your dreams and ideas to accelerate your life to excellence. Remember that accomplishing dreams is not an easy thing, so be ready to sacrifice some time and energy.

3 Learn to say no

Learn to refuse to be involved in actions and projects you don’t have passion for and try to get satisfaction doing your favorite business. It’s absolutely normal to say “NO” but try to be considerable and use your diplomatic skills to avoid offences. When you become more skillful, you will know how and when to say “NO.” Our life is full of situations demanding you to get inveigled into different projects, but you are not a superhuman it’s impossible to be everywhere and do everything.

4 Don’t fear changes

Changes can be either scaring or wonderful. When we change something, we are getting new experiences and open new horizons. Changing life helps us find out what is better for us and to make a comparison of things. But sometimes we are afraid of new, because human beings fear unknown things, especially if it goes about future. Be positive and try new roles, facing new conditions and changing the atmosphere.

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5 Live a happy and fulfilled life

There’s no need to think over everything in your life, just take actions. Change your life to live a happy and fulfilled life. It is impossible to do it if you are still wandering the ways of doubts and uncertainty. Listen to your heart and live your life that is full of wondrous things. Try to do things which drive you and fulfill your heart with excitement. If you follow these rules you can become the happiest person in the world.

6 Seek a mentor

Life is not an easy thing and you don’t need to tackle life alone, because the whole world is ready to help you. Good and experienced mentor can give you a hint how to treat various life situations and how to handle difficulties. Many people possess an ability to inspire each other. If you find a mentor, you will make a significant contribution to your mental or physical development. Your life will become easier in a way. You won’t feel lonely and confused with your own inner conflicts.

7 Don’t mull over the future

Never focus on your future. Every day, we have 24 hours to fill yourself with positive emotions and colorful events. Don’t allow the unknown things to rule your thoughts and your life. If you are a dreamer, you can think and enjoy your future deeds and actions. But if you are a pessimist, then stop it. Enjoy the moments of life and don’t mull over the future much, because it’ not the best way to accelerate your life to excellence.

8 Take time for yourself

Being alone for a while is sometimes very important. You need some time to recollect your mind and set new life priorities. We often take care of others and forget about our needs and problems, which make barriers on the way to excellence. Do not focus on what others are expecting from you. It’s not a good idea to get one’s approval by giving all your energy and time. If you take time for yourself, you’ll have a chance to become self-known and all-sufficient person.

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9 Don’t settle for the second best

Our life is full of opportunities and everything is temporarily. We all meet new people, face different situations, lose valuable things, so there’s no need to feel miserable and settle for the second best. It won’t make you happy and it’s a bad form to date just to date. Every person has equal chances for happiness, so try to hear your gut feeling and get what is best for you. This will help you achieve the excellence.

10 Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t waste time focusing attention on the other peoples’ achievements and successes. Such actions can make you feel miserable or confused in a way. You may feel yourself discouraged when you realize that someone is better in something than you. Be sure, we are all unique and everyone is “good enough” in several spheres. Live your life and make your dreams come true.

11 Know your desires

Try to imagine the achievement of your dreams. This way you send a signal to the Universe and get in tune with your destiny. Simulate the vision of your success in a certain sphere and track it in your mind a number of times. This way you are getting a chance to achieve excellence.

Remember that the power of thought is very mighty, so don’t fear to celebrate your desires. The way to excellence can be tangled, because everyone has personal ideals and visions of that concept. Try to motivate yourself to become the happiest person in the world, enjoy your life and celebrate every day! What are your secrets to achieve excellence?