7 Easy Ways to Get More Time to Yourself

Nowadays many people are too busy to think of themselves. If you are one of them, you should certainly learn how to make more time for yourself. I know, you work hard, care about your family, do everyday household chores and finding time during every day to take care of yourself seems impossible. But fortunately, it’s possible, even if you are overscheduled. Below is the list of seven simple tips on how to get more time to yourself. Read on.

1 Nurture your spirituality

Nurturing your spirituality is one of the best ways to sneak time in for yourself every day. I always find time to do that. Since I’m a morning person, I prefer to do that in the morning. I think it helps me have a better perspective for the whole day. Plus, it’s a great way to start your day. Nurturing your spirituality daily can lower your stress levels and make you a better person.

2 Work out

One of my favorite ways to get more time to myself is exercise. I know it can be boring, but if you do anything you like, you will understand me. I enjoy running and swimming, which help me relax after hard work day. Exercise is good for your physical health, emotional well-being and your weight. Perhaps, your family or friend doesn’t want to join you when you work out. So, it’s a wonderful way to get some me time.

3 Enjoy doing your hair and makeup

We often rush through getting ready to go to work or party and we don’t have time to enjoy the process. For me, doing my makeup or hair is important and I don’t like it when I’m in a hurry. I’d rather get up earlier than worry about time. Enjoy doing your hair and makeup and you’ll feel better about yourself. The best thing about it is that you focus only on yourself.

4 Enjoy shopping alone

Going shopping alone is another simple way to sneak time in for yourself. Take your time, browse to your heart’s content and have a lot of fun. You don’t have to seek anything in particular. When you go shopping alone, you don’t have to make conversation with anyone so nobody will distract you. While I love to go shopping with my mom and friend, I also enjoy shopping alone. I feel amazingly relaxed and refreshed after shopping alone.

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5 Watch your favorite show or movie

A favorite TV show or movie can be a good way to relax and get some time to yourself. Think of your favorite movie or show, find it online and watch it alone. I think it’s a really fantastic way to spend your evening after a hard, busy day. You deserve it.

6 Call your friend

One of the most enjoyable things you can do for yourself is to call your close friend. When I feel tired or depressed, I can close myself in the bedroom, call my best friend and enjoy a nice chat with her. Luckily, my kids and husband respect my time being on the phone and they don’t disturb me.

7 Social media

While social media has many negative effects, it’s a great way to get more time to yourself. In fact, we can use social media for good when we don’t overindulge in it. It’s a great distraction from the fuss and stress in the life. Enjoy social media for a while and return to your real life. It’s vital not to let social media overwhelm your life.

So, there you have it, some of the best ways to get more time to yourself daily. It’s important to sneak in a little me time every day, no matter how busy you are. It helps reduce your stress and anxiety and can even improve your health. How do you get more time to yourself? Share your tips and tricks with us.