8 Things Every Successful Woman Should Accomplish in Her Lifetime

Oct 26, 2022

Nowadays many people tend to live for the moment and take the line of least resistance. They usually act and behave as if they’re not afraid of an empty and purposeless life. Modern mass media and other sources of information do their best to prove people that life is made for entertainment and satisfaction only. This powerful propaganda can lead millions of young people up the garden and make them move in the wrong direction, because satisfaction is just a temporary feeling. A cherished dream to live a life of luxury makes them blind to really valuable and meaningful goals.

I’ve also tried to lead such a pointless lifestyle, but in a quite short period of time, I realized that it was just a waste of my life energy. I was not the one who would obediently go with the stream. Communication with wise people proved me that a boring and empty life wouldn’t make me happy. They broadened my horizons and taught me to wake up every morning with a sense of purpose in my mind. Frankly speaking, it was difficult to start living a life of purpose at once, because my head was overloaded with challenging questions about the society, reality and the mission of my personality in this world. But I tried to accomplish meaningful goals regardless of everything, because I believed that both men and women had to leave a mark on history.

Read on and pay attention to the things, every beautiful woman should do in her life. I’m sure these wise pieces of advice will fill your life with new positive experiences and bring you more inner peace and satisfaction than constant parties all night long.

1 Save one’s life

It’s not necessary to be a popular superhero these days. Everyday small and insignificant acts of your kindness can save the life of a person in need. Even your frank smile can heal the soul of a seriously depressed man and motivate him to overcome the feeling of sadness.

Earlier, I was a bit cold-hearted and selfish personality. I tried to live for myself and satisfied only my personal needs. Later, extremely deep and thought-provoking movies changed my mindset. I was greatly impressed by the film “Seven Pounds”, directed by Gabriele Muccino. It taught me to give other people a helping hand without expecting to receive anything back. If you’ve at least once saved someone’s life, you might know that human life (as well as animal life!) is the most important and valuable thing. It’s very pleasant to understand that your generous actions or donations have given somebody a chance to bounce back, reconsider life and turn over a new leaf.

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2 Give birth to at least two children

Although it may sound banal, every woman dreams of giving birth to a beautiful baby, because there’s nothing better in this world than being a mother. Children are the most beautiful flowers of your life. They usually bring joy and happiness, because a little baby is an inexhaustible source of healing and positive energy. The birth of a child often helps women run away from loneliness and overcome inner demons, since their love and maternal instinct are the strongest things in the world.

Unfortunately, many young women are afraid of giving birth – they’re not emotionally ready for a baby. They prefer to dedicate the most valuable and productive years of their lives to a successful career. Many of them don’t realize that this risky decision can cost them their own happiness, because workaholism can steal their health and life energy. As a result, at the age of 35, these successful business women spend huge sums of money in the hope that one day their reproductive function will be restored.

3 Plant a tree

There’re a lot of stereotypes about the role of women and men in tree planting. My brother says that tree planting and growing is a man’s affair. I don’t support this stereotype. I have a different set of values, life principles and priorities and believe that women have a special connection to nature, because they’re very sensitive creatures.

I’m fond of planting trees, flowers and vegetables – it’s an activity I feel passionate about. Sometimes, it seems I can easily interact with the nature on a sensory level. This special skill helps me open up and grow up both spiritually and mentally.

You should also find time to interact with the nature. If you have no opportunity to start a marvelous garden, then you should plant at least one tree to make both your soul and this world better.

4 Draw a self-portrait

Typically, people who’re fond of art usually choose an experienced artist to draw their portraits. Every painting is a powerful and eternal source of information, especially self-portraits. They can reveal the darkest corners and secrets of the person depicted on the canvas. Almost all successful and confident personalities have at least once made an attempt to create a self-portrait.

Have you ever thought about drawing a self-portrait? Many superstitious people believe that drawing a self-portrait is a bad idea, but I don’t believe in this superstition. You don’t have to be a professional artist to draw a self-portrait. All you have to do is put your heart into this unusual activity. You may do it in front of the mirror. It will help you notice every mole and enjoy the beauty of your eyes.

Why do people prefer to create self-portraits? I think that this activity gives them a chance to discover the essence of their inner nature and opens their eyes to many little things they have never noticed before.

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5 Spend a week far from civilization

Today almost every city dweller is already sick and tired of hectic life, virtual reality and other amenities of a modern world. These people should do something, because life is too short and it will fade away in the twinkling of an eye.

If you want to be successful and maintain positive mental attitude, you should master the start-stop technique. It means you should listen to your inner voice and try not to suppress your feelings and emotions. You’re not a robot and sometimes it’s necessary to make a pause or even stop and give your body and mind an opportunity to refresh and breathe in a gulp of fresh air.

Can you imagine your life somewhere far from civilization? Doctors strongly recommend people to take a break from technology, active communication and cooperation with others at least once a year. Spend a week in a complete isolation somewhere far from the city. No one and nothing will be able to distract you from enjoying the silence and relaxing all day long.

6 Make a frantic gesture

I’ve noticed that many ladies are dreaming about miracles and adventures, but they can do nothing to overcome their fear to take a risk. They usually take long views and analyze every word, action and step in order not to make a frantic gesture. This is a typical choice of a modern, obedient and reserved person. As a result, inner walls, prejudices and stereotypes make their life completely limited, predictable and uninteresting.

Why do ladies are so afraid of a frantic gesture? Sure, it can have a short-term negative impact on your reputation, but it has always been the best therapy for diffident personalities. It can quickly boost your confidence and improve the quality of life.

7 Become a mentor

Life is the process of continual development and improvement. There’re a lot of sources of knowledge, methods and styles of learning in a modern world. But mentoring is the most effective one for both mentees and mentors. If you’re good at something, try to share your knowledge, skills and experiences with someone else. It can be your friend, workmate or a total stranger.

You don’t have to be as wise and mature as Master of Zen. Sometimes your teachings and emotional support can be quite enough to give somebody a push and help them make a confident step on the ladder to professionalism and success.

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8 Find a true love

There’s no doubt that real woman will never become happy without true love – this wondrous feeling is an inevitable part of her life and nature. In the pursuit of a true love, many ladies become disheartened and lose faith in the existence of this feeling, because they often fail to sustain healthy and long-lasting loving relationships. If you don’t want to make the same mistake, you should get rid of the habit of hurrying love. This negative habit will never handle the situation, but fill your mind with obsessive thoughts and make you feel miserable.

By all means, you should focus on your self-improvement and try to lead an active lifestyle. I’m sure, one day you’ll finally feel a true love running through your veins.

No matter how you slice it, life is a wonderful thing. It’s necessary to live it to the full and try to reach goals that will make you a highly successful and beloved woman. What other things successful women should do in life? We’d like to know your point of view!