9 Types of People You Need in Your Life

Oct 19, 2022

The truth of life is that in most cases there are the people around us that make us inexpressibly happy. Sure, it’s our family and those people who understand and accept us no matter what. They all are close to and very dear to our heart so spending time with them always makes us extremely happy. But apart from that any person that you happen to meet on your way makes their own contribution to your happiness without even knowing that. So in order to enjoy all the colors of your happiness you need to have various types of people in your life. I have identified 9, here they are.

1 Role model

It is great to have a person in your life who would be a role model for you so that you keep improving yourself. I’m not saying about jealousy, by no means. You just know a person who is, to your mind, really awesome and you want to have some features of character or some life principles you would also like to have. This is a good motive to be more professional at what you do, look after yourself better, start taking dancing classes or whatever.

2 The one to encourage

There are such special people that inspire and encourage us to live our lives to the fullest. If you are lucky to have your encourager than you will always know how special, strong, beautiful and just amazing you are. Such people make us move forward, reach goals and fight for our dreams.

3 Your any time rescue

It is the most precious feeling when you know that there is a person (or few) who will come to help no matter what. The situation may be of any type but the point is that you don’t feel awkward calling them and asking to give you a ride because your car went broken. Most probably you will be lectured on how great it is to have you as a friend (jokingly, of course) but you will be safely brought home. And next time when something goes wrong you won’t get a refuse either. And I’m sure you will be ready to act the same in return.

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4 Good listener

As a flood of problems and worries catches you up, sometimes it is the best remedy to talk to someone who would hear you out. You don’t need any advice or help, just to talk to that person and not to see judgment in their eyes. If you have such a person, you have to value them.

5 A soul mate

My experience and observations show that as a rule each person has only one soul mate, though having numerous friends apart from them. A soul mate is more than just a friend, this person understands all your feelings and thoughts no matter how confusing they may sound to others. Actually, you would voice them only to your soul mate, wouldn’t you? You may relax and be yourself in their presence, silence is never a burden when you are together and this is just fantastic.

6 The big brother

Every woman is to have a man friend in her life which would mean friendship only without romantic feelings from each side. The stereotype persuades us that friendship between a man and woman doesn’t exist so you may try to prove it wrong. It is a very nice feeling to know that he will protect you as if your elder brother and you can always have a sincere conversation together finding out more about male and female nature.

7 A man of wisdom

You have many really smart people around you but it is not an easy task to find a wise person. This is not about age, position or amount of misfortunes gone through, this is an ability to give a good advice which you would really take into consideration or follow. If you find such a person this means that your vision of life and life principles coincide and you will surely go through any challenge that stands in your way together.

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8 Who keeps you accountable

Don’t confuse it with the person who usually encourages you. You share your goals and dreams with each other, build plans and discuss the possibilities. Once in a while you meet or have a phone conversation inquiring about the progress. This is also a kind of motivation for you to go on and make progress.

9 Having common career

The sphere of professional realization is very important in life of every person and it usually takes most of our time. It requires much of attention, pains and simply time. It is hard not to talk about it so when your family doesn’t have a clue of what you do at work, they won’t understand you. That’s why there should be a person you can freely talk about your job with and this may be your friend busy in the same sphere or a co-worker. Anyway, such people can support you when you are going through a tough period in your career or share your joy of success.

You can never predict what people will be in your life, they will come in and leave, changing you and bringing you happiness. The most important thing is that they must be there for you when you need them the most. Have you already found your special friends? What’s type of people make you happy?