10 Amazing Things You Should Try in Your Life

Most people compose a list of things they want to do in their life. However, these collections of goals are often framed within a certain social context such as career or family. But stop for a minute and tell me: does this list really mean anything to you? What if you sleepwalk your life away? What if you are caught in a fuss of day-to-day activities?

William Ross once said: “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” That’s why I highly recommend you to get a notebook, take a deep breath and compile a bucket list of your heartfelt desires and goals. A bucket list will remind you of what is really important to you and enables you to focus on what you want from life. Do not be afraid to put down the wackiest ideas. Read on to find out what you can derive from my own bucket list.

1 Go backpacking

Admittedly, backpacking stands first on my bucket list. When I was a student I went backpacking every summer and I shall say that it was an unforgettable experience. Backpacking allows you to enjoy international destinations at comparatively low cost with a great deal of freedom and fun. The best thing I love about backpacking is that you can easily travel alone but you will never feel aloof. It is all about budget airlines, hostels and hitch-hiking, which means you are constantly surrounded by people. Backpacking taught me a lot about life, people and my own personality. Now I can cross off this point, but if you have never backpacked, this is definitely something to try!

2 Train for a new career

Well, I’m pretty satisfied with my occupation and I’m not going to change it in the nearest future. But I have such point on my bucket list since it’s always nice to try something different from what you have been doing before. Consider things you are fond of, your hobbies or interests. They are very likely to develop into your would-be full-fledge activity and the job of your life! Start a part time business or get involved in volunteering in a field you like. These are the right steps to take when learning a new occupation. New profession will help you expand your horizon and realize your dreams.

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3 Start volunteering

Performing a good deed without waiting anything in return is one of the best experiences you should try. Volunteering is not necessarily about grandiose act or big donation. There are hundreds of things you can do in order to help others pro bono. Assisting at hospice, working with disabled kids, protecting animals or clean-ups are all great activities. Your money, skills and social status don’t matter since your desire and effort are the most important things about volunteering. Do it whenever you have time. Remember that your every act makes a difference in this world.

4 Experience a blind date

Going on a blind date is highly adventurous! You never know who you are meeting and what it may lead to. The elements of surprise and excitement are very thrilling since you are thinking what your partner is going to be like. The best thing about blind dates is that they exclude the feeling of guilt and duty. You can easily reject your admirer in case you don’t like him. Blind dates seem to have more upsides than downsides. You meet a new person, you have a boundless amount of topics to discuss and you can be utterly frank with your interlocutor. Chances are you meet a good friend or even your fate. Who knows?

5 Try an extreme sport

Some are passionate about extreme sports, while others consider it daredevil craziness. Surely, I’m not an extreme-sport person, but I do love experience new feelings. Bungee-jumping, kayaking, paragliding or swimming with white sharks will give you the experience you’ll never forget. The session may only last a couple of minutes, but that would be the most unforgettable minutes of your life! Since extreme sports are highly traumatic and dangerous, you should stick to all the safety precautions and do it with professional instructor.

Unfortunately, I cannot brag about my extreme adventures so far. But I know perfectly well that one day I will circumnavigate around the world or climb the seven summits, as silly as it may sound.

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6 Treat a stranger to coffee

Once I’ve experienced an exceptional situation in a café. I was working on my laptop and a man, sitting next to me, couldn’t make out where a power outlet was. After I had shared a power point with him, he got a cappuccino for me. But it wasn’t even my property! The stranger left soon, and I was sitting there, looking through the window and smiling with a very good feeling inside. So the next time you are at a café, treat a stranger to a cup of coffee. This is so easy! But the feelings will surely make your day!

7 Witness Northern Lights

People from all over the world overcome a great distance to the north, in order to enjoy this outstanding natural phenomenon, also known as Aurora Borealis. You can behold the display in Arctic Region, above latitude 60 degrees. The highest chances to observe Northern Lights in its full glory are from early October till late April. Apart from viewing Aurora you can make advantage of other winter experiences like dog sledding, skiing and winter festivals. So the next time that you have vacation, consider Alaska, Iceland and Norway your destinations instead of chock-full beach resorts. North is a very romantic and mysterious region and it has a lot to offer!

8 Fight the fear

Most people are doing fine living along with their fears and they usually see no reason why they should overcome them. They consider fears a good protector, which helps them to make decisions and keep away from danger. But in reality most of our fears are irrational and groundless, such as fear of loss, fear of being alone, fear of people and many, many others.

As long as you are at the mercy of fear, you cannot release your full potential. Try to realize that fears exist in your mind and they only seem scary, but they are actually harmless. I know it’s easier said than done, but you will never run away from your fears thus the only way out is to fight them! Talk to a stranger, sing in front of big audience, parachute or call that guy at last! I’m sure there are tens of things you are afraid of. And you will feel incredibly proud of yourself when your fears appear weaker than you.

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9 Try couchsurfing

Even if you aren’t a seasoned traveler you must have heard about this hospitality exchange platform. You might have also heard a lot of negative stuff about coushsurfing, but let’s agree that nothing is safe in this world. Coushsurfing has been tried and tested by thousands of travelers and wanderers for years and whatever downsides there can be, the upsides obviously outweigh them. For me, it’s a great chance to explore new places without spending a lot of money. Moreover, couchsurfing gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and really cool travelers who inspired me and shared traveling tips.

Nowadays couchsurfing platform unites more than one million people from more than 70,000 cities and you can easily become a member by filling in the form and adding your photo. It’s free of charge and very easy to perform. However, while you may stay at various hosts, you are expected to receive travelers as well. Just make sure you read the profile and recommendations to get the idea of the person you are going to meet. Once you try couchsurfing your life will never be the same! Thus, this is a great point to add to your bucket list.

10 Write a book

Every person has considered writing a book at least once in a lifetime. But most people are scared away by imaginary and real difficulties. Obviously, it’s important to have perfect grammar and some literary skills, but writing is also about having an idea that you want to share with others. It’s not necessarily to be a professional writer if you have something worthy to say to the world. You may have uncommon knowledge in some field, or maybe you want to share unique experience. Your book may not sell thousands copies and it might not bring a profit. I’d recommend you to put this idea on the back burner since your bucket list is an enduring project. But when you accomplish the majority of you goals, who knows maybe one day you will make up your mind to tell your story!

There can be much more items on your list, actually as many as you wish. Do not try to limit the number of goals to a certain amount. Always check your bucket list and cross out the points only when they are done. And the most important thing: live in alignment with your purposes! Do you have anything to add to my list?