9 Most Common Myths about Happiness

Oct 19, 2022

It is often said that happiness is impossible without sticking to certain rules. All these beliefs exert influence upon our consciousness and make us a bit superstitious. Sure, you can try to stick to these happiness rules, but it’s difficult to figure out how they would make you feel happy. Here are a few common myths about happiness, read on…

1 Money makes you happy

It is undeniable that money can give you a short-term feeling of happiness that flies away very fast. We shouldn’t forget that money is not the key to happiness. If to think wider we realize that money cannot substitute family, friends or hobbies. No matter how rich you are, if you feel yourself miserable you are not happy. The only sign proving your happiness is a frank smile on your face.

2 Happiness in your head/mind

What is happiness? Does it really exist? Some people find happiness as a temporary emotion, while others treat it as a state of being. By the way, experts point out that happiness as a feeling is as powerful as a depression. It’s up to you what state of being prevails in your head.

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3 Don’t compromise

It turned out that people treat compromises as a kind of a loss and think that such barrier can lead to unhappiness, but others do not agree. Happy people are less irritable and often allow small compromises handle the situation. Remember that quarrels just kill the nerves. There is no doubt that your hard-edged character won’t make you feel happy.

4 Don’t be too happy

This myth is really a contradictory thing. It’s absolutely normal to express your emotions, smile, joke and share your positive mood with people around. There is no certain definition to it and no one knows what is to be happy. Frankly speaking, people don’t mind how happy you are.

5 Based on progress

Almost everyone admits that happiness is based on a goal. We often promise ourselves to become happy when we succeed in something. As a result, we feel miserable in a way until we reach the goal. Moreover, we can easily set ourselves for failure if we base happiness on achieving goals. It is proved that you will succeed faster if you feel yourself happy.

6 Happiness isn’t for everyone

I’m sure that happiness is for everyone. After an off-day, my friends try to relief me, explaining that happiness isn’t for everyone. Such a misconception usually puts me out of temper and makes me mull over different things. If we often face troubles it doesn’t mean we are losers. Think positive by all means and fortune will make your smile shine.

7 Kindness makes you happy

Certainly, doing good things and wonderful mood can make your day positive, but it often happens that our kindness can play a bad trick with us. If we care for others every minute, we lack time to work on our hobbies and share emotions with the people we love. Random acts of kindness can make us feel exhausted, but not happy at all.

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8 Horoscopes

For the great majority of people, horoscopes and stars are of great importance. They can have a great influence on our mood imposing us certain positive or negative information about their success. As a result, it either ruins or improves the day of emotional and trustful people. Try to be happy in spite of everything.

9 Must be perfect

Many people believe that perfection is an irreplaceable part of happiness. There are moments when we think we don’t deserve to be happy, because we often make mistakes and sometimes fail. Basing your happiness on perfection is a quick way to feel despondent and lose hope to succeed in it. Just be yourself and don’t fear to make mistakes.

To my mind, every person deserves to be happy. There’s no need to base your happiness on different misconceptions, just let something wonderful ruin all barriers and find you! Do you believe in these myths about happiness?