What Your 2017 Resolutions Should Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The new year is upon us. What are your resolutions? Like so many people out there, you are probably betting on how long you can outlast your friends before truckling under resolution upkeep. Am I right?

Perhaps it is time to look to the stars for what your resolutions should be for 2017. The universe works in mysteriously wonderful ways. So by choosing your “star-crossed resolution,” you could be well on your way to a successful achievement this year. Be forewarned: These resolutions get right into the nitty-gritty.

1 Aries: Take control of your life and slow down

Like a ram, you are tenacious, sometimes past the point of stubbornness. Yet, that fiery attitude often has you burning the candle at both ends. At some point, you are going to get burned out.

2017 is going to give you more energy than usual, so it is best to use that energy more productively. Slow down. Breathe. Then do something that will enlarge your perspective or give you a fresh outlook on the world, like taking a vacation.

2 Taurus: Be more adventurous. Just get out there and have fun

The ever-practical and overly cautious bull is going to be facing challenges throughout 2017 that keep the pressure mounted. You might feel the need to restrain yourself as a way of persevering, but this is the exact opposite of what is wise. Open up, and let the world in. You will find that by releasing your adventurous side, the year will have much more positive notes.

3 Gemini: Cut back on the instigating and spend more time with those who matter

Ah, Gemini, you might be feeling slightly addled by anger and stuck somewhere you do not want to be. 2017 is going to be another year of tough challenges, but you have to change the way you are dealing with these issues. Venting on social media is not an option, by the way.

Instead, remember who loves and supports you. Let the walls down. Communicate peaceably rather than forcibly with these people. Your friends and family will thank you for it, and you will feel better too.

4 Cancer: Take responsibility for yourself, because no one else will this year

The sensitive and crabbiness of Cancers are going to be put to the test in 2017. That is why you need to learn two things: how to be your own parent, and how to build your own home. Regardless of the situation, holing yourself up in your room (or mind) when you fail helps nothing.

That is why Cancer’s resolution is about learning to take personal responsibility and endeavoring to do things independently. Build yourself up. You will discover an insurmountable inner strength.

5 Leo: Revert from being scaredy-cat, get organized, and chase those goals

Life is chaotic for Leos, whether it is because of their own doing or just the way the universe is working around you. You might be entering into 2017 feeling like you have been declawed. Do not let inhibitions get the better of you. Stay strong, fight back, and go after what you want most.

It might not seem like it at first, but 2017 is the perfect time to attain your goals – in your life, relationships, and career – and become the best version of yourself yet.

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6 Virgo: School yourself in imperfections and let go

How often is it that you are told to stop forming up such rigid to-do lists and ideas about the world, dear Virgo? 2017 is going to have a lot of circumstances that will throw you for the loop and leave you feeling crushed unless you learn that life is not all about adhering to strict guidelines.

That is why your resolution is to have no resolution. Let your hair down. Let it go. 2017 is either going to be a surge of positive energy for you or a catastrophic flood. Which would you rather swim with?

7 Libra: Start saying “no” and start taking charge

The symbol for Libra is the scale, and so you constantly seek to keep things in balance by playing into diplomacy. Sometimes that warrants a sense of calm throughout your life because conflicts are resolved swiftly. Yet, does that make you satisfied Libra? Or are you wishing for more than just maintaining the status quo?

Resolve to break up the silence once in a while. Instead of saying “yes,” when your instinct is to say “no,” emote how you truly feel. After all, the world will only remain in balance when your energy is balanced. So do something for you once in a while.

8 Scorpio: Learn how to be agreeable and not just with yourself

Wanting the best of what the world has to offer is not a bad thing. However, it can make you come off as disagreeable and inflexible. You have passion and drive, Scorpio. Do not use all that power just for yourself.

So many people want to be accepted into your sphere. So many experiences are waiting for you to come and try them out, even if you do not enjoy them 100%. It is okay. Start with letting others in and agreeing with some suggestions. You might find that saying “yes” once in a while gets you farther than saying “no” all the time.

9 Sagittarius: Practice some focus and channel your willpower

2017 is going to be a year of bounty for you, Archer. The universe is going to give you tremendous energy in all facets of life, and you might find yourself desiring to make some choices the logical side of you knows would be trouble. Quell the hedonism just a tad in 2017.

When you focus your will on just a couple of projects or goals, you will receive a wonderful payoff. In other words, learn how to channel your energy. Start with a meditation class and go from there.

10 Capricorn: Acknowledge that abundance is not always about material wealth

Time to face a hard truth, Capricorn. You can be unyielding when it comes to having things your way. And you hate it when things go amuck. 2017 is going to be a whirlwind, and so you are going to have to rethink your values and what you deem most important to you.

Rather than trying to maintain control of finances, for example, think about the last time you spent time with friends and family. Offer others some glimmers of kindness and warmth rather than worrying about the bank account.

11 Aquarius: Dive into new, frightening experiences

Essentially, you are like water. Constantly changing, cautious, and sometimes even turning to mist and disappearing from sight. When the going gets hard, Aquarius, you can’t always run away. 2017 is going to be the year where you need to face your fears.

Not only that, utilize that fear. Let it light a fire up beneath your feet and get your imagination and willpower boiling. When you realize what you are truly afraid of, you can harness your strengths more effectively.

12. Pisces: Learn how to curb your emotions and think more practically

Being that you understand “the feels,” you might find that 2017 is going to be a tumultuous time. Emotions are going to be abundant, and so you need to learn how to keep yourself from drowning in them.

Pisces have the great mental aptitude, especially in spiritual terms; but do not let your beliefs keep you from seeing the truth. Make your 2017 resolution about controlling what you feel and seeing the world through more logical lenses. That way, when a challenge is before you, you can see the clear way around it.

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2017 is shaping up to be a year of wild adventures, new discoveries, and recreation of oneself and the world. Take part in the changes that are sure to come by actively pursuing your resolutions. Remember that one small change that results in a lifetime of positive changes.