8 Great Reasons to Date Aries Men

Mar 27, 2016

Love them or hate them, but the fact remains that zodiac signs are something you cannot possibly ignore. No matter how much you pretend you do not believe in them, when you see a morning forecast for you in a newspaper or a possible astrological match for you – you just cannot resist running an eye over it.

When it comes to the first of the twelve zodiac signs – Aries, it impossible avoid these awesome personalities. Indeed, the people born between March 21 and April 19 have a special aura. Dating them is one of the most unique experiences you will ever get. Here are eight reasons you should definitely date an Aries guy at least once in life.

1 Men are from Mars – and so are Arians

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. This brings the manly qualities of being courageous, open and brazen. They never hesitate to speak their mind and are ready to face the consequences. On the flip-side, yes they have pride and violence as a male characteristic too. But hey, this will mean that once you are their match, they will be proud of you and will always protect you no matter what.

2 They are adventurous

Arians are known to be interesting and will never let you be bored. The qualities of being action-oriented and enterprising mean they are always up to something, and each day will be exciting and every hour will bring adventure. Spontaneity is one widely discussed quality of Arians. They might call you at 3 am and ask you if you are up for a walk to late night shop, or simply have some fun.

3 They have a positive aura

It is a lot more to relationships than just loving texts and kisses. You need your partner to support you and cheer you up when things are down. That is where the Arians men come in. They are optimistic and highly energetic. They have a positive outlook on life and radiate that optimism to people around them. Having them in your life is one of the most wonderful things for you.

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4 They are passionate

Yes, the ancient Indian astrology relates Aries to planet Mars, colors Scarlet and Red, and the stone Ruby. See the connection? Red is a color of passion and intensity. And Aries men are no different. If they love you, they do it passionately like real men. This, coupled with their strong trait, means you will get a lot of passion in your relationship, anytime and anyplace.

5 They are loyal

Aries men are passionate, but at the same time, they are loyal too. And that’s the cherry on the cake. They value their friends and girlfriends and are really good with secrets. If the situation arises, they will do anything to protect the people they love. With an Aries guy, you will never be left alone or taken for granted.

6 They are independent

Arians believe in giving people their own space. They value the independence of their own as well as others. They will not be clingy and irritate you all day. If they have a problem, they will deal with it rather than unnecessarily dragging others into it. If you need your space, they will be more than happy to give it.

7 They are emotionally strong

That is one more of those ‘manly’ qualities that Arians possess – they are very strong emotionally. Courage and toughness are their innate qualities, and their positivity keeps them afloat among the struggles of life. Whatever they do, they give it their 100%, and emotional breakdowns are something you will generally not see from an Arian man.

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8 They are gentle and generous

A conversation with an Aries man is a lot more than just dinner plans or who said what to whom. Arians are reflective and have high emotional intelligence. They are always ready to help. Moreover, they believe in giving. If they notice you are in need of something, it will be ready for you without you having to ask even for it.

All in all, we women can say that a combination of the above qualities makes Aries men irresistible and almost impossible to miss. If you have one in your life, this will surely make you value him more and realize how important he is to you. If you don’t, happy hunting for an Aries!