Your Perfect Breakfast Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sep 27, 2016

Let me guess your first reaction when you read the article’s title: perhaps you thought that the world keeps going crazy and people along with it. Recently, we have begun doing many things based on our zodiac signs, but it turns out the stars can help you pick the perfect breakfast choice for optimal health. Perhaps it sounds insane, but give it a try and see if it really works fro you. Here is your perfect breakfast based on your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

Aries are active, productive and hard workers. Their bodies need as more energy-boosting nutrients as possible to ensure their super high energy levels. Avocado toasts topped with some vegetables or fruit, a bowl of oatmeal with one hard boiled egg, and a glass of nutrient-dense green smoothie are all ideal breakfast choices for Aries.

2 Taurus

These people do not care about calories or fat or whatever others avoid. When it comes to breakfast, they eat whatever they have in the fridge or whatever their cravings demand. But the stars recommend Taurus have eggs, pancakes or a bowl of quinoa salad for breakfast.

3 Gemini

Geminis love the mix of savory and salty flavors, so they won’t mind having some pretzels, salty cereals or even burgers for breakfast. According to their zodiac sign, though, they should be eating more eggs, bagels, and pudding smoothies.

4 Cancer

Cancers are huge foodies, but they love to stick to classics. They tend to start a morning with a cup of coffee and a piece of cheese. If it relates to you, your zodiac sign suggests that you make healthier food choices. Oatmeal with fruits, pancakes with honey, Nutella crepes, avocado smoothie and peanut butter sandwiches are all great breakfast choices for you.

5 Leo

Creative and productive Leos crave more fatty foods for breakfasts. It sounds weird, but they can easily eat soups, tacos, burgers, and pasta for breakfast. While these are not the worst breakfast choices, make sure you monitor your fat intake to keep your cholesterol in check.

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6 Virgo

Slightly lazy yet wellness-oriented Virgos have a tendency to make quick breakfast choices, so no wonder smoothies, lattes and cottage cheese with fruit are perfect food combos to kick start your morning.

7 Libra

Scrambled eggs and various omelets are excellent for Libra. These breakfast choices provide the body with protein that helps to keep energy high and stomach full. Hash browns are another quick and easy to make breakfast for Libra.

8 Scorpio

If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, then bagels, cinnamon rolls, and toasts are your perfect breakfast choices. Just make sure you combine those carbs with healthy, protein-packed smoothie or an antioxidant-rich salad.

9 Sagittarius

Straightforward Sagittarius love eating omelets for breakfast. However, there are many other breakfast options for you, including nut butter and chia seeds toasts, quinoa fruit salad, avocado toast with fried egg, and egg breakfast muffins.

10 Capricorn

Capricorn strives for everything practical and ambitious, even when it comes to breakfast. Starting a day with a bowl of oatmeal is not for them. The stars recommend Capricorn to eat open-faced breakfast sandwiches, whole-grain toaster waffles, breakfast burritos, and pumpkin oatmeal to feel on top of the world.

11 Aquarius

Aquarius loves to monitor what they put in their body. If you are an Aquarius who feels the worst in the morning, chances are you make wrong breakfast choices. Opt for fruit overnight oats, yogurt with fresh berries, quinoa muffins or oatmeal to increase your energy levels.

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12. Pisces

Kind and compassionate Pisces tend to see the bright side in everything. They are not afraid of diets and enjoy experimenting with food combos. Scrambled eggs with vegetables, yogurt parfaits, smoothies, zucchini and banana muffins, oatmeal yogurt pancakes, and scrambled tofu are all excellent breakfast options for Pisces.

Sure, you don’t have to eat what makes you sick, but giving these ideas a whirl is worth it. Who knows, maybe you will find your perfect breakfast today that will make you more energized many mornings to come. Do you believe in what the stars suggest you?