9 Things to Remember When Dating a Cancer

Jun 21, 2016

Dating a Cancer is a blessing in disguise. Why? Because these complicated personalities can turn your life into something indescribable. When in a relationship with Cancer, you can be happy and miserable at the same time. However, when you know these nine things, dating a Cancer is a lot easier and you can even end up marrying them.

1 Cancers are highly emotional

Cancers have a tender heart and a sensitive soul, but they hide all their emotions and feelings. When they feel down, frustrated or betrayed, they close themselves in their inner world. Sometimes it seems impossible to cope with their emotions and sensitivity, but all they actually need is understanding, care, and compassion.

2 They tend to control everything and everyone around them

Cancers make overprotective parents, but when it comes to relationships, they make overprotective partners. They take full control of literally everything around them. If you are going to date a Cancer man, do not feel surprised if he will check the amount of salt or pepper you add to your soup or how many detergent you use when doing laundry.

3 They are incredibly loyal

One of the best traits that Cancers possess is their loyalty. They will not date you ‘just because.’ Cancers are not afraid of commitment and they do not run away as soon as a problem appears. They will always be there for you, no matter what.

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4 They love passionately

When dating a Cancer, you will never feel a lack of passion in your relationship. Passion is what drives them and add meaning to their life. Cancers are relatively romantic, especially Cancer girls, so be sure you appreciate all those romantic night dates and unexpected road trips. They just want to surprise you and make you smile.

5 They strive to be the best

Cancers are unbearable hard-workers. They are ready to work days and nights to achieve success and become leaders. When it comes to relationships, Cancers strive to be leaders too and they can easily get mad if you do not agree with them. On the one hand, this trait is great because you will never have to worry about money. On the other hand, their perfectionism can ruin your identity.

6 They are reliable

Need someone to help you out with a difficult project? Your Cancer partner is here to help you. Feeling depressed? Your Cancer partner is here to entertain you. No matter what you ask your Cancer partner to do, be sure they will not let you down. They can sacrifice their own needs, plans, and desires just because you ask them to be there for you.

7 They are homebodies

They are not introverts and they are pretty sociable, but they love to spend their time at home. If you are a party junkie, it may be difficult to find the right entertainment solution, because you want to drink and dance, and they want to watch TV or read a book, or whatever. ‘My home; my sweet home.’ That’s exactly about Cancers.

8 They are mysterious

Getting to know a Cancer well is rocket science. Most Cancers control their emotions, hide their feelings and it is not easy for them to open up even to their partners. You may need tons of patience and effort to make your Cancer partner, to be honest and open with you. But i is worth it.

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9 They are persistent

Never try to change your Cancer partner’s mind. They have trouble accepting criticism and giving in. Leadership is a part of their nature. If they tell you that you two are going for a picnic to the park, they will either go with you or wave goodbye to you at least for a day. Don’t forget that they can spend the whole day at home.

Dating a Cancer has its advantages and disadvantages, but remember none of us is perfect. If you are dating a Cancer, accept them the way they are. No worries, they will do the same. Avoid playing with their feelings. Cancers are unforgiving. Do you have any other Cancer traits to add to the list?