What Types of Fears You Have Based on Your Zodiac Sign

We all have fears that we try to deny, overcome or live in tune with, but do you acknowledge your biggest fears? Even though everyone is unique in their own way, zodiac signs can help us determine the personality traits, career goals, soulmates, and fears.

If you are not comfortable with your fears or you have trouble determining your biggest fears, check out what types of fears you have based on your zodiac sign. It will help you overcome them a lot faster.

1 Aries

Aries are afraid to die at an early age – and some so dread the word “death” that they eliminate it from their vocabulary. They are afraid to live a boring, purposeless and meaningless life they will regret down the road. But their biggest fear is chronophobia – the fear of the future. They often wonder why they work so hard if they eventually die in the future.

2 Taurus

Taurus have many fears too, but their biggest one is loneliness. Being extremely extroverted by nature, Taurus people can’t stand loneliness. If they do not speak to anyone throughout the day, they will suffer and feel depressed until someone speaks to them. They are afraid to die alone and this is a reason why Taurus women can stay in toxic relationships for years.

3 Gemini

Being stuck in the rut is one of the fears Geminis are trying to overcome. They are also dread that they will not reach all of their goals and will be unable to follow their passion in their 50s and up. This is a reason why they are grateful for their health each day.

4 Cancer

Rejection is what Cancers are afraid most of all. Those who have authority are afraid to lose it. And those who live ordinary lives are dread to step out of the comfort zone. But their biggest fear is height. Tree climbing is definitely not for them.

5 Leo

Leo’s only fear is being unnoticed, ignored, unappreciated and undervalued. They are one of those lucky zodiac signs that do not have to overcome a long list of different fears, phobias, and anxieties. I really envy them.

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6 Virgo

The fear of loneliness makes the life of Virgo unbearably miserable. Virgo women are ready to do anything to get married or at least be in a relationship. Virgo men get into despair when they are alone. Since Virgo people have trouble making friends and building relationships, they often feel lonely and dread they will be single forever.

7 Libra

Libras love peace and dread conflicts. They are trying to overcome a mortal fear of conflict but can’t do it because, you know, our lives are full of drama. Learning how to cope with that drama is the most effective way to fight that mortal fear.

8 Scorpio

Scorpios are terrified of mistakes and failures. They are perfectionists by nature, making them difficult to get along with. No matter how much they accomplish, they are never satisfied with the result. They just can’t stop worrying about the failure.

9 Sagittarius

Sagittarius love money and they are afraid to stay without a dime one day. Money is a priority and they are ready to do anything to get as many as possible. They also dread loneliness and feel depressed when they lack attention and love.

10 Capricorn

Capricorns fear criticism, public humiliation, and failure. They strive to make the world a better place so they are afraid that they will not have enough time or power to reach this goal. Some Capricorns claim they are afraid of spiders.

11 Aquarius

Aquarius fear they will lose their independence. They are afraid of disease, failure, breakup and bad luck – Friday the 13th is the worst day to them. When in relationships, Aquarius are afraid that their partners can take a full control over their lives.

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12. Pisces

Finally, Pisces. First of all, they are afraid of responsibility and commitment. Confrontation is another fear they face. They also fear they will never find the soulmate and will have to spend the life with the wrong person or alone.

Everyone is different and has their own fears, but I am sure many of you can relate to many of the fears mentioned above. No matter what type of fear you have, remember you have the ability to overcome it. Do not deny or ignore it. Now is your turn to tell us what you fear most of all in your life. Who of you is brave enough to say it out loud?