A Mid-Summer Bucket List for Your Zodiac Sign

Sunblock, suntans, watermelon, and beach sand. It is mid-summertime! And that means that you are destined to have something amazing happen! Now that school is on break, work as (hopefully) gotten slower, and you are able to free up some time for fun, what are you going to do? The good news is that the stars have been dropping subtle hints for you. Here is what you need to do this mid-summer based on your zodiac sign:

1 Aries

Fiery Aries loves competition. Keep in shape over the summer by joining a sporting league, like volleyball, disc golf, surfing, or something else. You can show everyone how awesome you are while having a blast.

If you are in a relationship, cool your competitiveness by learning how to compromise a little and suggest partner yoga, ballroom dancing, or other ways to mingle and strengthen the bond with your partner at the same time.

2 Taurus

Though Taurus is an earth sign, that is not the reason you should pick up gardening this summer. Taurus are financially-savvy people with a great amount of diligence. Think of starting your own garden as the ultimate money saver on organic produce, while providing a host of health benefits.

Oh, and if you ever wanted to pull out your Master Chef skills and entertain for guests, now would be the time. You already have the panache of a five-star chef, so live the dream.

3 Gemini

Can you say road trip? Gemini love adventure, because they are free spirits who need to listen to their favorite tunes with the windows rolled down. Summertime is also the time when Gemini can chat with people they had lost contact with, including that cutie from college that you have had your eye on for several months. Be ready for parties, sunscreen, and a whole lot of laughter this summer. Oh, and maybe you should give speed dating a try?

4 Cancer

Because Cancer is rather artistic, but also not very outgoing in terms of seeing the world, staying home and working on arts and crafts is perfect for you. You know that Pinterest board you have been neglecting? Summer is the perfect opportunity to fill your house with DIY projects (and complete some handicrafts for Christmas gifts).

Also, since the hotter months make Cancer a bit more open to trying new things, you may want to reopen your Tinder account. Though long-term commitment may not be on the to-do list, how about a hot summer fling?

5 Leo

All Leos want two things: the finer things and love, and to be in the limelight. In other words, music festivals, all-inclusive vacations, or even adventures to the amusement park are a great way for Leo to be in on the action while socializing with friends and family.

For those Leos craving “me” time, summer provides the opportunity to cultivate your hobbies and talents. You can even have time to hit the gym extra hard by enrolling in that Insanity class you have been tempted to try.

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6 Virgo

Being that Virgo is the ultimate perfectionist and loves helping out others, volunteering during summertime may scratch the itch you can’t describe. Head on over to the local animal shelter, homeless shelter, veteran home, or anywhere else that needs a helping hand.

The bonus is spending less time with people and more time with adorable animals. You may even take one home for keeps! Otherwise, it is work as usual for the ever responsible Virgo. If you feel that you truly need to “work,” then use the summer months to create a side hustle and maintain you “adulting” routine from home.

7 Libra

The social Libra is also the one who tries to balance everything out. So head to the ocean with friends and try your hand (or feet) at some water sports. Surfing, paddle boarding, windsurfing, and kayaking are great activities that everyone can agree upon.

Just remember that your people-pleasing can sometimes go too far. If you feel like you are getting dragged across hot sand this summer, put your foot down. Attend the parties and get-togethers that you want to attend and spend the rest of your time catching up on your reading list and Netflix shows.

8 Scorpio

Though Scorpio is no delicate blossom, you do not love roughing it if you do not have to. You also love luxuries. Have you tried glamping in a foreign destination? Head out to a remote area where you have only yourself and a gorgeous cottage. There, you will find peace of mind and the chance for wholesome TLC.

Meanwhile, put your passion for greatness to use by starting up a computer-based side hustle. That way, you can keep the vacation going a little longer and still keep your pockets well lined.

9 Sagittarius

Probably the one zodiac whose theme song is “Born to Run,” Sagittarius is as adventurous as they come. Plan out some serious backpacking beforehand then jet off to some distant land. Since Sagittarius love people, perhaps Australia, Korea, Italy, or even Morocco will be a welcome land to discover.

Keep your eyes open for others who love having fun as much as you do, especially if you need a traveling partner. Summer is the prime season for finding that person to see the world and share a few beers or cocktails with on a tropical beach somewhere.

10 Capricorn

Summertime is when Capricorn can reunite with their loved ones. Being thrifty and traditional, plan out a good ol’ family reunion, complete everyone’s favorite homemade pie and other potluck specialties.

Then, once you have had your fill of family, pour yourself a cocktail and go poolside. Give into the urge to splurge a little this summer, as you have worked hard this past year to get to where you are.

11 Aquarius

Like Virgo, Aquarius is a kind soul who loves seeing other people smile. Yet, you get more of a high from receiving than giving, so a yoga or other kind of meditative retreat in the woods or on an island is highly recommended.

Plus, the new surroundings will boost your inspiration. This may also prompt an unconventional career change. Of course, it is summertime, so there is nothing stopping you from picking up and starting anew. Go where the wind tells you to go, Aquarius.

12. Pisces

Being one of the more musically inclined star signs means that you can perfect your instrument-playing over the summer. Whether it is guitar, piano, drums or what have you, Pisces will have all the time they need to practice and make summer melodies. Of, if you do not have the talent, head to Broadway or Las Vegas to see theater plays, dramas, and dance performances.

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Though we can spend all summer debating the validity of the zodiac, wouldn’t you rather use some of these ideas for building up your own ultimate mid-summer vacation? Who knows what adventures await when you do something beyond your comfort zone? Summertime is the time to get out there and see the world, soak up the sun, and enjoy the fun.