10 Ways a Sagittarius Proves They Make a Lifelong Friend

Okay, you are looking for a bestie, or maybe you are wondering why your current bestie is the best bestie of all. Well, you can answer that with one question: are they a Sagittarius? If so, that is your answer.

If you are striving to have a lifelong friend you have always dreamed of, look no further than a Sagittarius. Why? Just read these ten reasons and you will be convinced that November and December babies are your best chance at happiness (at least friend wise).

1 They kill you with kindness

A Sagittarius’ heart is probably ten times larger than any normal human being. How they live with it no one knows. But in all seriousness, they are some of the most genuine, kind, and loving people you can come across in this world.

2 They are incredibly optimistic

Sagittarians are brimming and bursting with sunshine and rainbows – literally. Just being around them will make you feel like anything is possible and happiness is just around the corner even when you just broke up with your boyfriend of five years and are eating yourself into a coma.

3 They are full of surprises

To be exact, full of good surprises. They love a fun surprise and will find even the smallest ways to make your day, including bringing you coffee at your crappy work, showing up with ice cream after a fight with your mom or boyfriend, anything.

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4 Sagittarians are stupidly courageous

Though they are insanely kind, they will also stand with you on any issue you may face. They will hide their terror and act as a protector if need be. They are ready to do anything for their best friend, no matter whether it is morning or midnight or they are busy or sick.

5 They are the energizer bunny

Sagittarius people are full of excitement and energy. Whether you are prone to depression or mood swings, having a Sagittarius friend is like having a pro doctor by your side. You will never be depressed or bored. Never.

6 They make you feel at home

Yes, they are the sunshine, daisies, and giggles, but they can also be down to earth and humble. They will open their hearts and home to you like no other. You could walk into their kitchen and make yourself food when they are not even home and they would not bat an eye.

7 They are balanced

A Sagittarius will face anything with strength and dignity and fight even if it scares the hell out of them. But when it comes down to it, they are emotional beings, despite their bravado. So prepare to cry with them and have them cry with you.

8 Sagittarians are super honest

Leave it to the Sagittarius in your life to tell you straight up if you are being stupid, why you are being stupid, and how to stop being stupid. They will be straightforward with you on any and every level. You can even trust them with your phone passcode.

9 They remember everything

You do not have to worry about them forgetting your birthday, when and where you met, or even not noticing your haircut. They will always remember and they will always notice your new shoes and hair and compliment you accordingly.

10 They are hilarious

Not only are they great, honest conversationalists, they are also downright funny. Puns and jokes are their favorite pastimes so there will never be a moment where you are not smiling with them. Whether you are feeling bad or great, a Sagittarius friend will make you feel awesome.

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Now do you believe me? Sagittarians are honestly the best people you can have in your life in general. They are fun, open, honest, loving, kind – the list goes on and on. When you are out looking for a bestie, look no further than babes born in November and December.