Your Most Attractive Features According to Your Zodiac Sign

Hey there, Gorgeous! Yes, I am talking about you. I am sure you are absolutely stunning and that there is just something about you that I can’t quite put my finger on. Turns out, that ‘something’ probably has something to do with your zodiac sign! Don’t believe? Find your zodiac sign and see if it does not sound just like you. Here are your most attractive features according to your zodiac sign:

1 Aries

You are the one to take charge in situations and often get called bossy. Don’t take it personally, it is just your nature. While people love that side of you, it is actually your less obvious softer side that truly makes you beautiful so don’t be afraid to be vulnerable at times and let it show. But never be ashamed of your assertiveness. After all, someone has to take charge.

2 Taurus

Your attractiveness comes from your sensuality. You understand the power of a simple touch and appreciate the way things feel as they slide through your fingers so you probably lay your head on high-quality sheets at night while decked out in the finest lingerie. Let your sensual nature lead the way in your relationship and you will have a spicy love life and a happy partner.

3 Gemini

You are the intellectual type and so you are attracted to a man’s brain more than his brawn (not that you can’t appreciate a six-pack, too!). Your beauty comes from your brain power so if he can’t challenge you intellectually, it probably will never work out. Don’t let your emotions suffer for your brain, though, take the time to nurture an emotional connection so both your heart and mind are happy.

4 Cancer

You long for a safe place to cozy up to your loved one and treasure holding hands and showing affection. Your beauty comes from your ability to show your love through touch and to make a warm and inviting home. These are your most attractive features according to your zodiac sign. But make sure you acknowledge that not everyone shows their love through physical connection so you may have to look for other ways to show your feelings at times.

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5 Leo

You love to be the center of attention. Known for being dramatic and grandiose, you are also generous and loyal which is what makes you so attractive. So go ahead, take center stage. Just make sure that you let others shine too from time to time. It can’t be all about you all the time.

6 Virgo

Your lips are sealed and people love that about you. One of your best attractive features is that you know how to keep a secret and, more importantly, how to keep a promise which is not always a given in today’s world.

You are a devoted partner once you commit to someone and you like to be old-fashioned – dances, picnics, and courtship they all get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Your beauty is found in your innocence and loyalty, so embrace them and find someone who will do the same.

7 Libra

You are the romantic type and love making your partner feel cherished by putting together the perfect date. You will obsess over the details until you get it just right. Your beauty comes from the way you can make others feel like the center of the universe while they are in your presence. Just make sure you show yourself some love too so you are not always pouring out without being filled up first. You have to be shown love as well, from both yourself and your partner.

8 Scorpio

You are all in when it comes to love. When you fall for someone, you love deeply and with extreme loyalty and so you find it hard to forgive someone if they do not do the same for you. Your beauty comes from your unwavering devotion to those in your inner circle.

Be careful, though, there are people out there who will take advantage of this. Make sure the person you are dedicating yourself to can handle your strong emotions and that they are deserving of such devotion.

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9 Sagittarius

You are a free spirit that needs her own space to spread her wings and fly. While you are easy-going, you are also deeply passionate about life and like to venture out and explore and experience new things. Your breezy ways and sense of adventure are some of the things that make you so beautiful so your partner needs to be someone who is up for an adventure or who does not mind letting you free to fly without him.

10 Capricorn

You are the classy planner and like to have your future mapped out down to the most finite details. Your knack for being on top of things while showing the utmost decorum is what makes you so attractive to others.

Your partner needs to be ambitious and accomplished too so you feel equally matched. Be careful, though, you have a tendency to be a workaholic and your relationship can suffer from it. Make sure that you are taking the time to make him feel special without a phone in your hand or computer on your lap.

11 Aquarius

You are independent and unconventional, so you need a relationship that is the same. Your lack of desire for all things traditional is what makes you so beautiful and attractive to others. Find someone who can respect this side of you and will not mind giving you freedom to be you. You are not interested in the traditional relationship so find someone who is not looking for the norm either. The best situation for you would be to find someone who starts a friend and slowly becomes something more.

12. Pisces

One of the most attractive features Pisces have is the ability to love without boundaries. When you fall in love, you do not care about money, cars, houses and all that materialistic stuff. Love is your priority so you will never stay in a relationship with a man who does not love you or is not honest with you.

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We are all unique and, as you can see, we are all beautiful in our own way. Whether you are strong or soft, independent or deeply devoted – your personality is what sets you apart from the rest of the world.

Play up your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses and you are sure to have a healthy relationship as well as a thriving personal life. These are just some of your most attractive features according to your zodiac sign. Remember, you are jaw-dropping gorgeous!