How Much Space Is Enough in a Relationship?

Jul 23, 2018

Personal space is essential for every person, as all of us need some time for ourselves every now and then. If you are in a relationship and your partner tells you they need some space, there are many ways to deal with the situation.

You do not have to worry, as giving people more time for themselves can be healthy for the relationship in certain circumstances. However, you must keep things balanced to make sure it will only bring positive implications to your love life.

Try to understand your partner’s needs

If your lover tells you they need more space, try to talk about it and find out the reason for this request. It is not always because of you, so do not get defensive. They might have a stressful period at work, or feel like they need to hang out with their friends more, or just want to spend some time doing things they like.

Understanding the reason for asking more space allows you to find out how much space you can give your partner in order to keep your relationship healthy and not cause any harm to it.

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Do their need for space affects you in a negative way?

Once your partner tells you the reason for wanting more space, try to understand what they need it for. Being specific about what they need will help you know precisely if there’s something you did wrong and will also help you find out how much time they need.

If your lover wants more time for his or her hobbies, you can schedule specific days on which they can do what they like but if they just tell you they need some time, it might be difficult to understand precisely what it means.

Do not let space become distance

When you offer your partner the space they need, the situation might get a bit strange, and you might feel like you’re getting distant from each other. To avoid that, you should check in from time to time.

This way, the space they are getting will not feel like a distance between you. Also, you can suggest to check in every Saturday night or at least once a week, adding that you understand their struggle and their need for personal space.

Do not let this decision affect your relationship

When thinking about offering more space to your partner, you should decide according to their personality. There are situations in which asking for space might be a way to manipulate you, such as:

  • If your partner has a history of cheating.
  • If he or she is a liar.
  • If they do not care about your needs.

You are the one that knows your partner best, so you should make a decision according to their personality. Of course, giving someone more space is a reasonable thing to do, and it can also be healthy for your relationship, but you must make sure they do not use it to cheat on you or do things that might harm your relationship.

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Open your eyes, talk with your partner about everything and let them do the things they love. This way, you will be happier, and your relationship will be stronger.