15 Signs that You Need to Get Out of Your Relationship

Mar 15, 2020

Below is a list of warning signs which indicate that you may need to end your relationship. Ending a relationship is never easy, and is typically accompanied by a great deal of heartache and stress. At some point, however, you need to ask yourself, are you better off with or without him?

1 Lying on a frequent basis

You catch your boyfriend lying to you on a frequent basis. Whether it’s about big, important things or trivial matters is irrelevant—neither compulsive nor pathological liars are dependable. You don’t want your man seeing or having a secret phone chat with another woman.

2 Isolate you from your family

He tries to isolate you from your family and friends. This doesn’t have to involve physical abuse or a blatant attempt to keep you from seeing them; it can consist of subtle comments and attempts to pit either you or him against everyone else. Watch out for the comments, “They don’t understand you” or “they don’t want us to be together.”

3 Your friends hate him

All of your friends hate him. If only one or two friends dislike your boyfriend, you’re probably alright. Personality clashes can happen. If everyone dislikes him, then they’re probably seeing something that you miss.

4 Ask you to trust him

He asks if you trust him. Since you’re in a relationship, you probably already trust him (if you don’t, get out. NOW). If he needs to ask the question, it implies that he’s trying to take you so far beyond what you’re comfortable with that he has to remind you of your trust in him.

5 He hates your mother

He tells you that he hates your mother, or that she is a terrible person. Even if he thinks it, he should know better than to say it.

6 He doesn’t respect you

He doesn’t respect you or your wishes. Saying that you respect someone is easy, but it doesn’t mean anything. Watch how he acts. If he says that he respects you, and then consistently disregards your stated wishes, he doesn’t respect you.

7 Thought of staying with him long term terrifies you

If the thought of spending the rest of your life with him induces a state of near-panic. Yes, some people are commitment phobics, but if the thought of staying with him long term terrifies you, check and see if it’s actually him instead of you.

8 Pressure

He tries to pressure you in sexual activities.

9 You spend more time fighting than you do having fun

You spend more time fighting than you do having fun. Some arguments are inevitable in a relationship, but you shouldn’t be in a constant state of war. Or, alternatively, if every time you hang out with your friends it leads to a fight.

10 Fool around physically

If all that you do is fool around physically. It may be fun, but if you’re looking for someone long-term, you need a friend as well as a lover.

11 Take every argument and turn it around on you

He tries to take every argument and turn it around on you so as to make it seem that everything is your fault. Unless one person really is wholly unreasonable, generally it takes two to tango.

12 No one else would put up with you

If he implies or says that he is better than other guys, or says that no one else would put up with you.

13Feel bad about yourself

If he belittles you or makes you feel bad about yourself.

14 Abuse

If he subjects you to any kind of physical abuse.

15 Feeling of relief

If the pain that you feel after making the decision to break up with him is eclipsed by the feeling of relief that you will no longer have to put up with his behavior.

Regardless of what he may have told you, you will find someone else. Everyone is blessed with the possibility of many chances for love. If you aren’t happy with your love life, go out and start having fun! Someday, the right guy will be waiting.