I Will Give Him a Third Chance Without a Second Thought

Nov 29, 2017

Relationships are beautiful and there is pure bliss in going through life with that awesome guy by your side. Someone who cares about you and makes you feel extremely special; that special someone.

The cloud that dampens your sunshine is when he acts up or hurts you, what is even more unbearable is when he does it over and over again.

You then have to decide to either take him back again after another episode or to just let go. Sometimes, the former is the case and for quite a number of reasons. Here is why you should tell yourself, “I will give him a third chance without a second thought.”

He did not mean to

Basically, as much as you love him, you would have to determine if he continually does these actions, knowing fully well that it would hurt you. There is a place of forgiveness and a place to understand whether or not you are being taken for granted.

Some ladies stay because as much as the guy hurts them, they did not hurt them intentionally. Intentionally hurting a partner means you take them for granted and do not consider their feelings, but when this is not so, forgiveness is the next best thing to do.

He is actually sorry

Someone who acknowledges his faults and makes effort to correct wrongdoings is already halfway there. So it would be nice to meet him halfway and mend fences.

Meeting someone new…

You might find it hard to go through the whole process of opening up to someone new, understanding the new guy, his habits, and temper, so you would rather stick with the guy you have.

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It is a true love

You know that feeling that squishes up your insides, and makes you smile at your phone? Yup! He still gives you butterflies in your tummy, and as corny as that sounds, that is the reason you would give him a third chance.

He is worth it

Looking back at how far you guys have come and the experiences you have had together, you would see that he is actually a good guy and that misbehavior was just a rough patch or phase he was passing through. So, it would be smart to ease up on him.

He is working on making it better

Nothing says sorry as well as trying to repair the damage caused. When a baby boy puts in an effort to make it up to you, cut him some slack. Would you?

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Love is extremely complicated but it is a lot easier when you love yourself first because this would make it easier for you to open up and get all the love you deserve.