12 Things to Overcome to Find Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sep 6, 2016

Your zodiac sign reveals much about your personality. Strengths and weaknesses are not always related to our star sign, yet there is no denying the effect the universe has on our lives. When it comes to love, there are certain things each sign must acknowledge or override in order to find love among a galaxy of souls.

1 Aries

Bold, fierce and independent, these people are simultaneously logical and intrepid. They are travel blazers that charm those around them. For the fiery Aries, a water-based sign, such as Cancer or Pisces, can help calm and relax the fervent Aries.

Do not date a sign with the same fiery undertones. For example, the emotional duality of a Gemini might be too much for the straightforward Aries to handle. Secondly, the intensity of Leo is known to clash with that Aries. These two make good friends but not good significant others.

What an Aries needs to understand is that their non-committal personality and adventurousness can scare them from deciding on “the one.” Because they love meeting different people and going to different places, they will oftentimes find themselves with options – if you get my drift. This is the one time where logic fails them.