12 Things to Overcome to Find Love Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sep 6, 2016

Your zodiac sign reveals much about your personality. Strengths and weaknesses are not always related to our star sign, yet there is no denying the effect the universe has on our lives. When it comes to love, there are certain things each sign must acknowledge or override in order to find love among a galaxy of souls.

1 Aries

Bold, fierce and independent, these people are simultaneously logical and intrepid. They are travel blazers that charm those around them. For the fiery Aries, a water-based sign, such as Cancer or Pisces, can help calm and relax the fervent Aries.

Do not date a sign with the same fiery undertones. For example, the emotional duality of a Gemini might be too much for the straightforward Aries to handle. Secondly, the intensity of Leo is known to clash with that Aries. These two make good friends but not good significant others.

What an Aries needs to understand is that their non-committal personality and adventurousness can scare them from deciding on “the one.” Because they love meeting different people and going to different places, they will oftentimes find themselves with options – if you get my drift. This is the one time where logic fails them.

2 Taurus

The tenacious and friendly Taurus has a way with finding stability in even the most tumultuous of times. Unless, of course, they are the ones starting the mayhem. A Taurus behaves much like a bull at the sight of the color red – calm one moment, completely trashing the china shop the next. Until a Taurus is provoked by the thought of losing independence, they are loyal, gregarious and deep.

A Taurus will find love when they find the person who makes them willing to give up certain things and compromise. Only when a Taurus understands deep within their intelligent mind and heart that this person is not trying to take something from them, they will then be able to commit.

3 Gemini

The charisma of the Gemini is irreplaceable. These people tend to spark moments of light in others’ lives. They are oftentimes drifters, seeking out interactions with others no matter where they end up.

Yet, for that reason, Gemini find it hard to settle in one place. They are constantly imagining the what-ifs in life, and if they have the means, they will give chase to those fantasies. Such restlessness is the major pivot point for how their relationships will wind up. The person they love today might not be the same person tomorrow.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It simply means that the Gemini must find a soul who is as romantic and wistful as they are. If you are Gemini who can’t find love, you have to overcome your uncertainty.

4 Cancer

At their best, a Cancer is loyal, reliable, adaptable and compassionate. You can count on a Cancer to be there for you when you need them most. Yet, they are also known to be too responsive to the emotions of others. Driven people, a Cancer will do what it takes to get things accomplished, but they also actively seek out encouragement from others. For this very reason, they are a sign of paradoxes.

Reliance on others yet independent. Moody yet caring. So when it comes to finding love, a Cancer will have a difficult time balancing out their need for support and attention with giving others the same amount. Because of a Cancer’s delicate disposition, their mood swings will cause many other impatient signs to lose interest quickly.

For this reason, a Cancer needs to overcome their fear of opening up to others and broadening their expectations. They need to learn how to find reciprocity in a relationship rather than yearning for constant affection from their mate.

5 Leo

Just like the mighty lion, Leo is a sign of pride. Highly intelligent and creative people, a Leo can wow a crowd or work behind the scenes to get exactly what they want in time. Their ambitious bring them many triumphs throughout life. Enthusiasm enables them to form heartfelt friendships with others, and the respect they bring to the table is immeasurable.

But everyone knows what happens to those that become overly zealous in their life. At their worst, a Leo is the pretentious, vain nugget everyone sneers at during parties. Seeking out the best in everything gives Leo a rather idealistic view of the world, and if things do not match up to what they desire, they will turn their nose up at it. A need for theatrics in their life can also come off as melodramatic, turning away those with no taste for hyperbole.

Therefore, a Leo needs to understand one thing when it comes to relationships: Demanding admiration from others can come off as controlling. Passion is great, but sometimes a level-headed, rational view of the world is what will make a relationship work.

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6 Virgo

Straight thinking and supremely logical, a Virgo can achieve a lot in a little time. They are capable of learning from their mistakes rapidly and overcoming challenges most would soon give up on. Because of their power to analyse even the most minute of details, Virgos can read other people like books. They make great, honest friends who will listen to your problems and provide resolution.

But the overwhelming logic of the Virgo is often their worst enemy. Perfectionism can consume them. They will stick to a routine, becoming involuntarily dispassionate, rigid and uncompromising. Should someone not live up to their expectations, they will become short-tempered. Nit-picking is not one of Virgo’s finer qualities. In fact, it ends up being the determiner for how their relationships play out.

Love for Virgos does not come quick. A Virgo with an open mind is much more capable of finding love than those that cling to their set approximations of the world. In short, Virgos need to learn flexibility.

7 Libra

Thriving in social situations is the Libra. The happiest place on Earth for a Libra is with friends and family. Bonus if those people are working together. Libras need balance in both environment and interactions to fill their need for coexisting.

Since Libra thrive on new interactions, they love unusual circumstances and will bring adventure to the table. This ability to work efficaciously in any situation makes them master speakers – charming anyone, anywhere.

When unbalanced, Libras are slothful and underachievers. Without a decent amount of excitement in their lives, they will lose their eagerness. This doesn’t mean that they can’t get anything done. Quite the contrary. But Libras prefer to work when things are running smoothly and will adapt to whatever comes their way.

Because they are always trying to keep an even keel, their emotions are often downplayed. They will hide what they think to keep the peace. This creates an issue of self-awareness. Libras often don’t realize who they are until later in their lives.

Such traits can cause a Libra to be indifferent or have an inferiority complex that may keep them from communicating with their partner. To find love, learn that confrontation and fighting back may be necessary to maintain happiness.

8 Scorpio

Scorpio’s are a challenging sign to comprehend. Either you love them or you don’t. Scorpios leave no room for in-between feelings. Much like a Gemini, what drives a Scorpio can also bind them. This sign is known for its pure confidence and dynamism. Such raw energy makes them a rather singular being, capable of dominating whatever comes their way alone.

Fiercely independent, Scorpios employ a sharp memory and intelligence to drive them through life. Simultaneously, this memory and passion lead them to form incredible grudges. Forgiving and forgetting are not part of Scorpio code. Honesty is a prized possession, and so zodiac signs that share the same views of trust are capable of forming relationships with Scorpio.

Manipulation is the major issue here. Scorpio must understand where their jealousy comes from and handle it. Otherwise, they won’t find someone who will meet their needs.

9 Sagittarius

The centaur sign is kind-hearted, encouraging and fun-loving. People tend to gravitate towards this zodiac sign for the selfless friendship it provides. Sagittarius place a high value on freedom.

Exploration and independence are two things that they prioritize. Since they seek adventure, they are apt to forget about what’s happening in the present. Generally, this also makes them glib storytellers. You will find yourself wrapped up in their conversations.

Since adventure is tantamount to happiness for the Sagittarius, a mundane life is not satisfying. The routine will turn them off immediately. Such actions may come off as flaky to their partners and friends. Additionally, their humor might go beyond what some more sensitive signs can withstand, driving off potential candidates.

Sagittarius need to learn when to be serious and show affection to those they care about instead of jokingly moving through life. Someone less emotional will help balance a Sagittarius for a healthy relationship.

10 Capricorn

The resourceful Capricorn knows how to get things done their way, at their own pace. Their minds are always moving, bringing about great creativity when regimented. Capricorns will do a lot for others without asking for anything in return. Ambition drives the Capricorn to fulfill his or her goals in a structured, methodical way. For this reason, they are wise investors and resourceful companions.

But one can begin to see where this self-sufficiency can cause Capricorns to unknowingly give a cold shoulder to those around them. The routine the Capricorn builds for themselves can be seen as boring and unadventurous to the more wild zodiac signs. A Capricorn will see the more free-spirited people as undisciplined and hedonistic, and this will prompt them to become close-minded.

Deep down, a Capricorn seeks someone who will appreciate their efforts and fill them with a sense of security. By allowing themselves some flexibility, a Capricorn can attract the person worthy of their trust and affection.

11 Aquarius

There is no denying the cleverness of an Aquarius. These are the people whose kind hearts and wit attract many different kinds of people into their circle of friends. Aquarius love building friendships, but they are ultimately independent free spirits. Spontaneity is their fuel in life. Count on an Aquarius for random road trips, eccentric plans, and their exciting ideas about the world.

On the flip side, an Aquarius may drive away a sign that seeks routine. Because an Aquarius is unconventional in their methods, a system simply does not work. In fact, at their worst, an Aquarius is the epitome of rebellion.

Stubborn and sarcastic when angered, an Aquarius will leave things unfinished if something begins to go awry or becomes too complicated. A zodiac sign that seeks confirmation will only serve to make Aquarius aloof. Relationships can quickly go cold.

An Aquarius needs to date someone as independent as they are, someone, whose thinking matches their own. That way, there does not need to be a constant “fire” between Aquarius and their SO. Mutual understanding is key.

12. Pisces

A true testament to the power of one’s environment, a Pisces is highly adaptable to whatever is thrown at them. This is due to a great creativity and sensitivity to the world. Intuition guides them throughout their lives. Social events make them come alive. Loyal to the core, Pisces will do whatever it takes to make those around them smile.

Pisces, unfortunately, often bring about their own ruin because of their super-sensitivity. Emotions run deep like water in this sign. They are influenced by how their close friends feel, and they might find themselves questioning their own identity should they try to aid another in finding theirs. A Pisces that does not know how to use their compassion deftly will soon become a martyr.

Developing strength in character is the main hurdle Pisces must overcome to find love. A partner whose sense of self is strong would do right by Pisces by bolstering their confidence.

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Zodiac signs are a unique driving force in people’s personalities. Whether you choose to believe in how they can affect our relationships, most people can usually find something in common with the details of their sign. Hopefully, these will provide some insight so you can find the best love for your unique soul.