Pokemon Go Might Just Be the Easiest Way to Meet People

Do you gotta catch ‘em all? Just like Ash Ketchum, you are bound to meet new trainers throughout the world while traversing the routes for an elusive Pokémon. Ever since Pokémon games were launched, the platform has been interactive.

People have met other players via link cables and Wi-Fi connections for years now. Thanks to technology, Pokémon is bringing more and more people together than ever before, creating an environment for not only making friends but for meeting that special somebody.

Get off the couch

There is no doubt that Pokémon Go has been super effective with getting people off the couch and out on the streets. The game has also crafted a chance to interact with others through several open-world components like lures. When Pokémon Go first launched in America, people were in such a scramble to catch ‘em all that they called up their friends, built hunting parties, and started traversing their hometowns.

Facebook and other social media services blew up with posts and videos. Some of the news was indeed slightly dark (like exhuming a dead body), but for the most part, Pokémon Go has succeeded in doing what Pokémon has been about from the beginning – traveling the world, making friends and battling with strange creatures.

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Enjoy the opportunity to get out with your fellow Pokémon fanatics

Naturally, the generation that has grown up with the show, trading cards, Gameboy and N64 games was immediately attached to the idea. So it is no wonder that twenty- and thirty-somethings are enjoying the opportunity to get out with their fellow Pokémon fanatics for another adventure in Pikachu.

I think what most people in my generation is the commonality we find with others while playing. It does not matter where you came from, what language you speak, or what plans you have going on after you are done hunting. If two people meet up randomly while searching for Pokémon, chances are you are going to wind up either competing or helping one another out.

For example, that Weedle you have been questing for is under a log. You can’t move it by yourself, so you wait for another person to come along and help you out. Other instances have been witnessed with radio stations, global training teams and other benefactors dropping massive lures to draw out rare Pokémon.

These gatherings have been taking place all over the world. On Meetup.com and similar websites, you can find parties throughout the world. Australia, Japan, India, Europe, America, Brazil and New Zealand are just some of the places where meet ups happen regularly.

A New York City group has over 1000 trainers and has been doing weekly lure drops in Central Park since the launch of the game. Just moved to a new location and want to meet the locals? Join a Pokémon Go group.

On a student or tourist visa in a foreign country and want to safely explore the surroundings, engage in cultural exchange and maybe make some lifelong friendships? Hello, Pokémon Go party. Learning institutions are also getting in on the fun. Clubs are forming, allowing for students of different backgrounds and majors to mix in a way that they might not have before.

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Meet a love interest

When it comes to meeting a love interest, Pokémon Go can help with that too. It is less awkward than blind dating and twice as fun because your personal interests are also being placated. If you are concerned about finding chemistry with someone in your group, other apps like PokeDates have been launched to refine the chances of a wild date appearing. The only thing you might have to worry about is the horrid Pokémon-themed pick-up lines. Hey babe, wanna ride my Lapras?

But in all seriousness, Pokémon Go might just be the tool this world needed to realize how global we have truly become. The blending of lives thanks to the game is a rather remarkable thing to see. People of all ages and ethnicities are coming together over Pokémon.

In the past, this might have been risible. Yet, the ability to go on adventures and discover the real world rather than a virtual one together is gifting birth to social interaction that many feared we were drawing away from. So grab your Poke balls, putting on your Running Shoes, and let the adventure begin!