10 Adorable Pokémon Go Nail Art Ideas

Nov 18, 2016

Photo: pinterest.com

Some people keep going crazy over Pokémon Go, while others keep wondering why this game is so popular. The fact is, Pokémon Go is already viral and it is impossible to stop it. Whether you love, hate or ignore it, be ready to see those cute pokemons everywhere, including the nails. Instagram and Pinterest are chock full of cute, weird and unique Pokémon Go nail arts and here are some ideas you can steal today to stay on trend this summer.

1 Pokémon Star

Who doesn’t love Pikachu? This chubby rodent Pokémon star is probably the most favorite one. This Pokémon Go nail art is rather easy to create, except Pikachu, but with a bit of practice you can end up drawing your own version of Pikachu. Moreover, you can choose any other Pokémon such as Raichu, Charizard, Charmander, Eevee, Jigglypuff or whatever you wish.

2 Pokémon obsession

Unless you have some nail art skills, you can’t create this one at home. Squirtle, Dedenne, Pikachu and many others can turn your boring manicure into a piece of art. If you are obsessed with Pokémons, let the world know about it too.

3 Pokémons have emotions too

This Pokémon Go nail art is unusual and creative, but again hard to create at home. Anyway, why not try? Just like humans, Pokémons can express emotions as well. Just look at those little faces. Are you ready to spend your hard-earned bucks on this nail art?

4 Simple art

Looking for a Pokémon Go nail art idea that you can create in a matter of an hour? Give this one a try. It does require time, patience and some nail art skills, but it is a lot easier to create than the last two ideas I mentioned before. This nail art is perfect for short nails as well.

5 Eternal love

Pokémons have always been popular and Pokémon Go obssession starts earlier than the game appeared. This photo (and many others) proves it. I found many Pokémon nail art ideas of the years 2014 and 2015. The nail design is easy to create at home. Just learn how to draw Squirtle’s eyes first. It was a little challenge to me.

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6 Pokémon pedicure

Minion pedicure designs are no longer popular these days, because you know, Pokémons are everywhere. People get Pokémon tattoos and purchase Pokémon-inspired pieces of clothing, but instead of going so far, opt for a cute Pokémon pedicure that you can create without leaving your house.

7 Pokémoji

Why not? Drawing some Pokémon emojis on your nails is a creative way to catch up with the game trend and keep everyone’s eyes on your hand. You can choose whatever Pokémon you like or have all of them (okay, not all, but most of them) on your nails. This Instagram photo is an excellent example to follow.

8 French Pokénails

This one is perfect for any special event like wedding or birthday as well as the office where bright manicure is forbidden. The nail art does not look eye-catching, but still no one will tell you that you wear a boring French manicure overe and over again. Get creative with your nails, even if you are a businesswoman.

9 Funny Jigglypuff

If pink is your color and Jigglypuff is your favorite Pokémon, mix them together to create an unbeliviably beautiful and feminine Pokémon Go nail art that will make other girls be jealous of you. Feel free to experiment with your own design.

10 Draw the entire picture

I have no idea who will dare to try out this Pokémon Go nail art idea, but when I saw the photo I couldn’t just ignore it. Drawing the picture like this on your nails is time-consuming. If you have some skills and time, consider trying this idea and share your own picture in the comments.

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Pokénails are fun and creative and they relate to a popular Pokémon Go app. If you do not have time for any of these nail art ideas, opt for Pokémon nail wraps or stickers instead. Whether or not you are obsessed with Pokémon Go, chances are you liked most of these ideas. Besides, are you into Pokémon Go?